Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Whoa....It's been a while blog world

I can't believe I haven't blogged since FEBUARY! I don't know if it's I just haven't had time, nothing really to say, or honestly that I just forgot.  I love to blog though so I need to make it a point to blog.  In April I made the decision to go back to the salon world part time and I believe it was one of the best decisions I've made this year.  My bestie owns a salon here in town called The Hair Shack and she and another stylist have been wanting me to come back for a while but I just couldn't make the decision.  Doing nails in a small town is hard because if your having an off day and your performance isn't up to par, everyone will know.  I didn't want to not be 100% and have people talking about me and my work.  So around March I was introduced to a product called Shellac by Creative Nail Design.  It is a nail polish with gel in it that makes the polish stay on for twice as long for natural nail manicures.  It is amazing!  I wanted this product really bad, but the whole system is kind of pricey.  I couldn't justify buying it for just myself.  So that helped make my decision lol.  I would go back part time to make my money back but it ended up giving me so much more.  I didn't realize how much I missed working in the salon atmosphere.  I missed "working" with my friends and metting new people.  So in April I ordered all the products I needed  for it and other things I needed for nails and in May I started my journey.  I only work about 3 hours after I get off work at the day time job at night and then it  vary's on Saturday's.  If I don't have customer's during the week I don't really go up there or if I have something else I need to do I go ahead and do it.  I love making my own schedule :)  So if you're in the Andrews, TX area let me know and we will make your nails feel good and look good :)

Cymbre and Mike let us know around Mother's day that they were expecting baby #2!! Then this past Friday they had a gender reveal party in Midland.  They had gotten a cake with white icing and no one knew what it was until they cut into the cake.  And low and behold, the middle!  My mom is so excited!  Well we all are really but she has wanted another little girl to buy for since Cymbre and I grew out of little girl clothes lol.  Ranston is going to have to keep his friends away from his little sister.  But I'm excited for her that she'll have his friends to choose from lol.  So now I am going to add bow making to my list of hobby's or I'll just find someone on Etsy to make them for me :)  I will go broke finding all the fabulous stuff made for little girls on Etsy lol.

On the weekend of July 30th, my friend Gwen and I made a trip to Austin for something that could change our lives forever!  I can't say much about it but we can not wait to see what God has in store for us in the next couple of months.  Just keep us in your prayers and hopefully soon enough we can let our friends and family know what we have been up to :)

Me waiting for our big moment in Austin :)