Saturday, February 23, 2013

I'm So Excited...I Just Can't Hide It

I am so excited to say this.....

My dad is having the same sleeve surgery I had done on March 20th!  My whole family is so excited for him!  I can't wait to see the results that he gets with it.  I think I've been getting on his nerves telling him different things that happened to me but I just want him to be prepared.  It's going to be so different for him but it will be the most amazing thing for him.  Please keep him in your prayers :)

My dad with my sister Cymbre, niece Kenner, and nephew Ranston

On another note, one thing I wanted to do when I lost 100 pounds was have new pictures taken.  My friend Kilah is going to be taking them and I can not wait to see how they turn out.  We have a couple of things up our sleeves (no pun intended ;) that is going to make them fun and amazing!  As soon as I get them I will defiantly be posting them on here.  It's going to be so great!  Can you tell I'm excited? lol

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Change for Good

If you could do just one thing to change
your life for the better, what would it be?
Would you...

Spend more time with family?

Be a better friend?

Live a healthier lifestyle?

Improve the quality of your life in
some other meaningful way?

If you haven't noticed yet I'm all about change this year. The company I work for is too and it's so exciting!

They announced to us a few weeks ago that they are partnering with Rascal Flatts for a Change for Good campaign. How perfect does that fit in with my life and mission this year?

I've always said if your not happy with a situation you are the only person that can change it. I'm so glad I finally took my own advice. It doesn't have to be as big as my change but YOU are the only person that can change YOU for good. If you're not happy with your job..change it, if you're not happy with your scenery...change it, if you're not happy with you're hair color...change it.

With the partnership I plan on purchasing a changed tag and wearing it to remind myself that I have changed...for the good :)

It'll only get better from here....

Monday, February 18, 2013

Today is YOUR Day

 You got what it takes you can win...

You got what it takes you can win
Today is your day to begin
Don't give up here, don't you quit
The moment is now, this is it
I know that you can, then you will
Get to the top of the hill
Part of the fun is the climb
You just gotta make up your mind

That today is your day
And nothing can stand in your way
Today is your day
Everything's goin' your way

Today, today, today, today

When somebody throws sticks and stones
All they can break are your bones
And life's gonna kick around
Then kick you again when your down

But today is your day
And nothing can stand in your way
Today is your day
Everything's goin' your way

Today, today, today, today

Life's goin' to kick you
It's goin' to kick you around
It's goin' to kick you down

Dust yourself off, no regrets
This is as good as it gets
Don't expect more, or less
Just go out and give it your best

Today is your day
And nothing can stand in your way
Today is your day
Everything's goin' your way

Today, today, today, today

Today is your day....

I haven't been a huge fan of Shania Twain since 1996, but when she had her reality show I have to admit I did watch it.  And as she wrote this song I fell in love with it.  It has such a positive message and motivating message.  I'm sure I'm the only person that has it on their work out play list, but I absolutely love it when it comes on my iPhone while I'm working out.  It's defiantly a great song to start out with.  Sets the whole tone for my work out and reminds me why I'm on the treadmill.  I think that's super important when working out.  To start it out with a positive song that reminds you what all you're working towards......

 I've always been a believer that you need reminders of why and what you're working towards.  When I did Weight Watchers in 2007 I had reminders up everywhere and I was somewhat successful for a while.  Obviously though lol, I gained the 60 lbs I lost and then some back, BUT it did help so much!  One was Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future".  I also had a star with motivating words written on it that I had received at a meeting on my bathroom mirror.  And this will probably sound cheesy but I had a picture of Sara Evans on my fridge lol.  I really loved her image and her style back then.  I knew I wouldn't look like her but it gave me motivation to work towards.......

You got what it takes you can win
Today is your day to begin
Don't give up here, don't you quit
The moment is now, this is it

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Goodbye 101 lbs....You will not be missed...

Well ladies and gents.....I did it!!

I had been waiting for weeks to actually hit my 100 and I finally did last week and I went 1 lb over!  The week before I went to weigh and all I needed was 2 lbs to hit my first goal.  Wouldn't you know that it would be the week I had to plateau....but a week later...I DID IT!!!

It feel's amazing!  I have waited forever to say that I did it!  It's only been 4 months since my surgery and I still wouldn't change anything about it.  I've met a couple of people recently that have had the surgery since I did and I hope their experience is as great as mine.  I highly encourage people who are over weight and have tried everything and still have the right mind frame to conquer this to look into having this procedure. It's not the easy way out, it is just the best tool to help you in your journey.  It has changed my life to the better.

Just from what I've accomplished this far, I'm going to be able to check a few things off my weight loss bucket list this summer!  I'm going to float the river, I plan on going to Six Flags or Fiesta Texas some time this summer, I will be traveling to Phoenix, AZ to Origami Owl's national conference.  The last is a huge thing for me.  I haven't wanted to fly, let alone fly alone, since I had gained so much weight.  I had this fear they would have told me I needed to get off of the plane because I was to heavy.  I've heard about it in the news happening and I've heard about someone from Odessa that was flying out of Midland and was asked to get off the plane.  How embarrassing would that be?  I can't imagine and I never will have to again.  It put's my anxiety as ease about traveling by plane now.  

One thing that I'm crossing off my list soon is.....a 5K!  I'm signed up for the Neon Splash Dash in March and I absolutely can not wait!  I've been doing the Couch to 5K ap on my phone when I go to the gym and I have to say I have impressed myself so far.  Since joining the gym again I have gone so much and have been so much more motivated to go now that I've dropped 100 lbs.  I'm getting to be as active as I've always thought about being.  It's been amazing!

And here it is....The long awaited for pictures showing my progress :)  The before pictures were not taken right before my surgery but exactly a year ago.  I don't know why I didn't think about taking pictures before my surgery but this is pretty accurate to what I looked like.  I was about the same there as I was before my surgery.   I found one picture that was taken the week before my surgery at a friends birthday bbq.  I was on liquids and still went and didn't cheat and stuck to my coffee and water :)