Thursday, February 21, 2013

Change for Good

If you could do just one thing to change
your life for the better, what would it be?
Would you...

Spend more time with family?

Be a better friend?

Live a healthier lifestyle?

Improve the quality of your life in
some other meaningful way?

If you haven't noticed yet I'm all about change this year. The company I work for is too and it's so exciting!

They announced to us a few weeks ago that they are partnering with Rascal Flatts for a Change for Good campaign. How perfect does that fit in with my life and mission this year?

I've always said if your not happy with a situation you are the only person that can change it. I'm so glad I finally took my own advice. It doesn't have to be as big as my change but YOU are the only person that can change YOU for good. If you're not happy with your job..change it, if you're not happy with your scenery...change it, if you're not happy with you're hair color...change it.

With the partnership I plan on purchasing a changed tag and wearing it to remind myself that I have changed...for the good :)

It'll only get better from here....


  1. This year I have embraced the theme of change in my life. I would love to know more about a change tag.

  2. Hey there! My cousin Emily just told me your on the same journey I am! That's awesome! You can view them at . I also have a locket with 100 in it to remind me of my first 100 losts :) I love when ppl ask about it cause I can share my story. I've been meaning to post a picture on my blog of it but keep getting side tracked when I go to blog about it lol