Weigh In Monday is here again!  I worked really hard this week.  I was determined to get rid of the funk and I did :)  I lost 5.6 this week!  I lost what I had gained with an additional .2!

Eating wise I did really well just staying within my points.  I try not to use my extra points that we get weekly (and if I do use them I don't use them all) but I did use a few this week.

My Step Bet is still going great!  Just finished week 4 and now on to week 5!  It has made me feel so accomplished when I finish a day and especially a week.  I definitely plan on doing another one when this one is finished. Let me know if you're interested and I may make a group myself on there. 

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Fried Catfish-From My Table To Yours Sunday

I know technically it is Monday and I went back and forth on whether or not to write one this week since I didn't have pictures to go with it, but decided I would anyways :)

One of my favorite things to eat is fried catfish.  I know the word fried isn't a good term but when you use an air fryer it's ok :)  About a month ago I was really craving catfish.  I knew I couldn't go to a place and order it and it be an ok point value so I decided to try it out myself at my house making a few adjustments.

I bought 2 filet's from H-E-B fish counter.  Together it was about a pound.  I know they are farm raised and honestly I think farm raised tastes better so I was able to search farm raised catfish in the Weight Watchers ap and found out they are zero points!  That made the beginning of this recipe that much better when I found that out.  The first time I made this I used a ground corn meal from Bob's Red Mill.  It was ok, but it was a bit more course than I wanted or like.  The 2nd time I made this (and how I'll continue to make it) I used Zatarain's Fish Fry.

For 2 tablespoons it's only 60 calories and 3 points.  Because it's a fine seasoning mix the 2 tablespoons is a good amount and you end up having some left over.  I use a paper plate and measure out the 2 tablespoons.  And yes, I measure out separately 2 more tablespoons for the second fillet.  In traditional fried catfish I know that milk is used to hold the cornmeal on the catfish, but I don't use it and it turns out just as good!  I use the Pam Olive Oil spray.

I spray the top of the filet (sometimes I even cut them up and do pieces instead of a whole filet) and flip and spray the other side.  It doesn't need a lot, just make sure that the pieces receive the spray.   After I spray them I put the filet or filet pieces in the mixture and just make sure they are covered.  When that is done I put them in my air fryer which has been pre heating at 400 degrees.  I spray the top again with the Pam cooking spray, close the door, and start cooking for 25 minutes.  Half way through I flip them and spray again with Pam.

Once the timer has gone off on your air fyer, take the fish out and serve.  I have made my own tarter sauce with light mayo but honestly I found the H-E-B tarter sauce (located with the mayo) and it's just as good and way easier.   The serving size is 2 tablespoons for 2 points but I found that 1 tablespoon is enough for me.

I hope you try this out and enjoy it as much as we do!

A day late and a dollar short....

Ok, so technically it's Tuesday but I did weigh in on Monday so there's that.  For a week and a half I had been in a funk with my journey.  Not yesterday but a week from yesterday I had a 3 lb gain on weigh in.  Then yesterday I had gained 2.  I came out of my funk on Thursday but it was to late to make a big difference in my weigh in.  So good news!  I'm back and better than ever....well for now anyways.

I joined a Step Bet for the first time and I'm currently on week 4.  I have really enjoyed it!  It has made me motivated to get up and moving.  And I know my steps aren't that much but on the next one I'm sure they will go up.

I'm pretty proud of myself about making an effort.   Travis and I were in Round Rock this past weekend and I had told him to pack his walking clothes.  Friday night we ended up taking a 2 mile walk to Academy!  It was 1 mile each way and we started to worry that it was going to rain on us.  Thank goodness for Uber!

I also have a new hobby!  I finally bought a Cricut!  I've had a lot of fun playing with it and figuring things out.  I can't decide if I'll make a little business out of it or not but for now it's just a fun hobby.  I've made a few things but the past could of days this is what I've done.

Yes, that is a cart to put my stuff on.  It makes it easier to put up when I need to.  I don't really have enough room in the guest room to set up a craft area and honestly I like doing it at the kitchen table.  I'm able to hang out with Travis while I craft.  One day I hope to have a room that I can make into a craft room.  And yes.....I have  decorated it with a few vinyl :)

Hope everyone has a great week!!

Goooooooddddd Mooorrrnninnngggg!   How are you?  Hope you're well!  Today's weigh in went good (if you can't tell by my writing "singing" good morning)!  I lost 2.6 lbs this week so my new total over all is 69.4 lbs gone!

For March my total was an even 5 lbs gone :)

This past weekend was a mental weekend for me.  When I started this in late August I had said when I reached a certain weight, that would be when I would go through my closet and start trying on the things that were to small and get rid of what was to big.  I hit that weight 6 lbs ago.  So I said I'll wait a week or so because of all the things I had going on during the weekends.  I wanted a Saturday or Sunday that I could basically lock myself in the closet, try the stuff on, and get it done.  I didn't want to start and stop a bunch of times. On Saturday I could not bring myself to do it.  My mind played games with me.  What if I tried things on and nothing had changed?  What if everything is still to small?  What if....what it.....what if!?  Even though I'm down nearly 70 lbs what if....

Sunday I decided to just do it.  So I went to the closet and started trying things on.  There were things that I knew was to big so I did try them on just to make sure and I ended up with a pretty big pile.  There were surprises when I tried on some jeans and jean capri's.  They fit!  They were a little snug but they fit!  I was so excited!  Now I just need for the weather to warm up for me to be able to wear them :)

On another note, I just need to brag on my husband.  He has been so amazing during this journey while he has been on his own journey.  While I've been working the Weight Watcher plan he has been counting calories.  He's lost over 100 lbs!  It's been great because we have gotten down a routine of measuring and weighing the meals I make and everything else.  He and I have our restaurants we feel "safe" to eat out at.  We tried this once before and I guess as a women I felt like I had to figure out his calories AND my points.  It was so overwhelming and I stopped.  This time around I just have to tell him what I've put into the recipe and he figures his own calories.   I'm so proud of him!

From My Table To Yours Sunday-Pumpkin Spiced Muffins

Happy Sunday!  So let me ask.....who loves pumpkin?  ESPECIALLY pumpkin bread or muffins from Starbucks?  ME!!! I found this recipe and did not think I would love it as much as I do.  AND they taste (in my opinion) exactly like the pumpkin loaf from Starbucks.  The pumpkin loaf is one of my go to's when I want something to go with my coffee from there.  So to say I was so excited to find this recipe in a Weight Watcher form would not be a lie.

Before I give ya'll the goods, I want to share what I've been up to this past weekend.  A couple of weeks ago I finally bought a Cricut.  I'm sure my friend Amy who has a shop in Etsy ( click HERE to visit her great shop) was happy so I'd stop bugging her to make me things ;) .  Now when I have an idea or see something I'd like to make a version of I can just do it myself.  I've got a really cute shirt that I am making my sister coming up but I haven't cut it yet.  So be on the look out for that :)

Yes....I love the TV show Friday Night Lights :) And yes...It was a lazy day at my house

And now for the main attraction!  This is one of the easiest recipes ever.  The RECIPE I found is from 2 Bees in a Pod.  Another great thing about this recipe is that it makes 24 FULL SIZE muffins.  Most recipes I have found are for mini muffins so I was really happy to find a full size recipe.

This recipe is a 3 ingredient recipe and I use my Kitchen Aid mixer but before I had it I used a hand mixer.  With the pumpkin being 0 points it comes to a 3 point muffin.  When you put in the spiced cake mix, don't freak out when you see how many points is in the whole mix.  I did a double take.  Then I remembered I was making 24 muffins and all was well in the kitchen again.

While my 3 ingredients are mixing I line my muffin tins.  I use the brownie pan from Pampered Chef and depending on my mood, sometimes I'll just spray it and put the mix in but if I don't feel like it I'll just go ahead and throw some liners in there.  They still come out square.  I also use the medium scoop from Pampered Chef.  If you like what you see from Pampered Chef click on Heidi's link on the right hand side and get you some,  you won't be sorry :)

Once it's done I put a hefty scoop into each liner.  After you've filled all of them, there will be a little left over so I just distribute the rest into the liners that look less than the others.  I also pick them up and hit the bottoms a little bit to spread it out in the liner.

Put them in the over at 350 for 20-25 minutes (I did 23 minutes). 

When its finished I left them cool for about 5 minutes in the tin and then I move them to the cooling rack.  Another great purchase from Pampered Chef.  I do not receive any perks from the mentions from Pampered Chef lol.  I was raised on Pampered Chef and really believe in their products.  They are amazing.

Fix yourself a cup of coffee and grab a muffin...and ENJOY!
Good morning ya'll!  It may be a Monday but it's started out to be a really great Monday for me!  This morning after I weighed in I lost.... 2.2 lbs!!!  Down 66.8 total so far!

2.2 may not sound like much but I'll take it!  I'm very content with losing 2 lbs a week.  Don't get me wrong,  I don't mind those 5 lb weeks either, but I feel like losing it like this will help keep it off in in the long run.  When I had my surgery I lost big numbers every week.  And while I'm grateful (SO GRATEFUL) for the surgery because it helped me get a big chunk of the weight off, I can't be losing that much every week.

Some of you know that I got myself a bicycle in the fall, but it's been out of commission since then.  My sweet husband got my bike back to working and yesterday I was able to go on a bike ride!  I only went 12 minutes and 1 1/2 miles before my booty said that I needed to stop but hey!  That's more than what I would've done with out it.  I'm easing myself into it so I don't know if I'll take another bike ride tonight or just walk.  With it getting warmer it's more motivation for me to get out and move.  I'm a total hibernator in the winter.  I don't like going out in the cold at all.  Thank goodness for spring!  Hope ya'll have a great Monday!!

PS......It's almost {BASEBALL} season!! Yea!!

From My Table To Yours Sunday-Biscuits & Gravy Bake with a side of John Stamos

Happy Sunday!  I hope everyone has had a great weekend so far!  We still have today before we have to get back to the work grind, so enjoy it :)  Before I get to this weeks recipe, I wanted to share a few pictures from Friday night!  An amazing lady I met when I was in American Business Women Association and reconnected with when we both had jury duty together.  She messaged me asking if Travis and I wanted her tickets to see The Beach Boys at the Wagner Noel because she and her husband couldn't make it.  I said sure!  I have always enjoyed the Beach Boys growing up and really wanted to see them.  Little did I know, her seats were 3rd row!!! John Stamos was with them at this show!  Most people may not know but he is friends with them and basically an honorary Beach Boy.  We were so close I think a little bit of John Stamos sweat hit me....ok I'm kidding, wasn't that close.  That would probably be restraining order close lol.

Ok, on to why you're really here.  Today's recipe is Biscuits and Gravy Bake by Drizzle Me Skinny.  I have loved most of her recipes I've tried, but this is our favorite!  Oh and also...I'm not a cream gravy kind of person.  I know I'm strange.  I get it from my Mama.

Here's the starting line up.  I will admit, I was a little skeptical of turkey sausage.  I didn't think it would be good.  Boy was I wrong!  It's so good!  I like to have it with scrambled eggs not in the casserole too.

 While the sausage is browning I start cutting my biscuits into sixth's.  I could not find a 7.5 oz can of biscuits so I had to weigh out biscuits myself to get it to the right amount.  It's basically 7 1/2 biscuits with the ones I use.  But double check with the biscuits you use.

Since I can't find the 7.5 oz can I have 2 1/2 left over.  Thank goodness for this little gadget my husband got me for Christmas.  It has saved me from throwing so much food away.  I love my food saver.

Since I'm not a cream gravy girl, I don't make cream gravy all that well. Thank goodness for gravy packets.  Super easy to make.

While I wait for the gravy to cook I measure my liquid egg out and have it ready to pour.  Here's my assembly line.  I pour the egg over the biscuits, gravy over eggs and biscuits, and then add the crumbled turkey sausage to the top of it.

Cook it at 350 for 20 minutes.  Once that is done, removed from the oven and add your cheese.  If you don't know by now, I love Trader Joe's lite Mexican cheese.  Less points that the others I have found and so good!

You'll cook it for another 10 minutes.  Once it's done, remove from the oven and let it sit for about 5 minutes just to cool down.   Once that happens, don't forget to weigh it and divide to find your serving size.    Here is his and hers plates.   Travis added a green chile sauce and a hot sauce he found at Trader Joe's.  He said it was really tasty.   Enjoy!

Happy Friday!  Thank goodness this day is finally here!  It's been a long week and I am looking forward to sleeping and relaxing this weekend!  Here's my Fab Five Friday :)

1.  One of my favorite snacks right now is turkey pepperoni and a piece of Baybel lite cheese.  It's so good.  Kinda addicting. Only 4 points and super tasty when you are craving salty meat and cheese lol.

2.  A friend of mine started a Facebook page for people to encourage one another while working on their health and mental health.   I made a post about wanting to encourage people on little accomplishments as well as their scale going down.  I used the example of me being excited to clip my toe nails with out getting a workout while doing it and it got me thinking about the things I couldn't do pre surgery.  I get a little bit of happy tears thinking about the things I can do now.  No seat belt extender on the airplane, I can clip my own toe nails, I can sit in a booth comfortably, I can ride amusement park rides, When I look at the weigh limit on things I'm under it, and so many more!  When I had my surgery I had a list of things like that I wanted to accomplish.  Since I started in August I have something new on my list.  I want to go to iFly and do indoor skydiving!!  My sister in law said she'd do it with me.  I'm still working on my husband.

3.  I am so ready for baseball season to start.  I love going to Rockhouds games and just being outside enjoying the great weather and watching some baseball.  I always liked baseball but really started to love it when Travis and I started dating and he started teaching me more about it.  Don't get me wrong...I'd much rather be at a Texas Rangers game but I'll take what I can get...

4.  I'll give you a hint to what kind of recipe I'm posting on Sunday.....Are you ready?  Ok, here it is.  Its a really good recipe :)  There you go! lol  Just Kidding!  It's a breakfast recipe that we have loved since we started this journey.  It's a good southern type breakfast.  Trust me when I say you're going to love it too.

5.  I am getting to go to the Beach Boys concert tonight!  I am sooooo excited!  A friend I knew through American Business Womens Association gave me her tickets because she and her husband can't make it.  She didn't tell me they were 3rd row!!  How awesome is that!  PLUS!  John Stamos is playing with them tonight!  I can't wait to show pictures of it!
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