Friday, February 12, 2016

5 on {Friday}

Awwwww!  A link up!  I love them!  They are fun to write but I love being able to see other's blogs and see what they're writing about and hopefully get inspiration and a new blog to read.

Most of you know but for those of you that don't,  I am a very {random} person.  I like to be in conversation and go from one topic to the next and then back again.  There is always 500 things running through my head at once and so that's the result of it.  With that being said here's my 5 for {Friday} post.  It will be the most random thing you read all day..... lol.  And with it being Valentine's I'm going to post 5 things that I {love}

I absolutely love my Erin Condren planner.  This is my 3rd planner and it has seriously helped keep my sanity.  I use the monthly part for my bills.  I write on the side the bills I have and how much they are.  Then in the actually monthly calendar I post what bills are due what day.  It helps me look at a glance as to when things are due and then as I pay them I highlight them on the side.  When I was younger I was very immature and unorganized when it came to my bills so it makes my heart happy when I see them being highlighted one by one.  She then has it by the week.  I chose the veritcal layout and it is broken down by morning, noon, and night.  There is also an area on the left hand side to write notes, but there is also an area under each day to write notes.  Being on the go for so long it helped keep up with Dr. appt's, jewelry bars, functions, and has even helped with Origami Owl orders for my customers.  They also have a horizontal layout and I may try it out next year but I've really liked the vertical layout.

 {CK} for Christy K

 This is the horizontal layout

This is my cousin Sumer's planner.  I love how you can personalize it!

Blender Bottles.  How did I survive with out them?  They are the handiest items.  I use the larger one's to get my water in.  They have the measurements on the side so it makes it easy to keep up with how much water I'm drinking.  They also have a lid that seals and doesn't leak!  I'm not the most graceful sometimes so it's nice if I drop it I don't have to worry about it spilling.  OR if I am using it (usually a smaller one) for my protein drinks when I shake doesn't come out.  How awesome is that??  And for blending it has this amazing spiral ball that you put in with it and it breaks up the powder so you don't end up with clumps.  Ewww.  Who likes clumps in their shakes?  Not I.  They also have handy dandy containers that will screw to the bottom of most of the smaller ones so you can keep up with it all together and you don't have to have a separate container floating around in your bag.  They are just great for at the office, gym, or just running around town.

Full House.  Fuller House.  Basiclly anything with Candace Cameron Bure.  When I was a kid I looked up to her.  I wanted to be just like her.  Have hair like her.  Dress like her.  I thought she was amamzing.  As an adult I still think she's pretty awesome.  I love her Hallmark movies and have loved what she's done since Full House.  She has a great ministry and I had the oppritunity to meet her at a ladies event in Atlanta when my sister lived there.  Growing up Full House was a must on Friday's before we hit the skating rink.  I can {not} wait to watch the new series Febuary 26th on Netflix.  I told my mom and manager that I may need the day off so I could binge watch the show.  They thought I was kidding ;)  Watching the trailers, seeing the still shots, hearing the actors talk about the new show gets me giddy every time.......

Fuller House Trailer

 I have brought it back old school.  I have downloaded solitaire on my phone.  I love it!  It relaxes me and gives me a chance to not think about anything else.  If I'm having a stressful day, I can pull up solitaire and just play the game and think about what card needs to go where.  I've also downloaded Tetris.  Oh yaaaaaaa.......

I recently moved to Odessa with Travis and I have really enjoyed cooking dinner every night.  I cooked before but now I have {all} of my kitchen stuff with me and it makes it so enjoyable.  Plus, it get's really old eating out every night.  You run out of places to eat and feel like everyone knows you when you go to the same places over and over.  I have found a few great recipes on pintrest that have become staples.  We {love} the crispy cheddar chicken recipe I found on Pintrest( ).  The sauce calls for sour cream but the first time I made it I didn't have sour cream (and must've missed it on the recipe and didn't buy it) but I had cream cheese so I used it instead.  It was {DELICIOUS}!  Everytime I've made it since then I've used cream cheese but I think that I'm going to try greek yogurt to give it a healthier spin. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

1st and 10 lets do it again! Gotta make your free throws! Strike 3 your outta here!

When I was younger I was not the type of girl that went to social sporting events.  I would go to football games but I never made an effort to go to the out of town games.  I only went to probably 2 basketball games, and 1 baseball game in my high school career.

It wasn't that I hated these activities, it was just that the people I hung around didn't go so I didn't go.  When I would go I always had a great time (even though I had not a clue as to what was going on.  Until Travis and I started dating I honestly didn't know what 1st and 10 meant) but just never went.  

Fast forward to September 2013.  I started dating the most amazing man that also happened to be a sports nut.  Mostly college sports but has a few favorites in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB.  He took me to my first college football game in November of 2013, Texas Tech vs Kansas State.  I have learned that it does make a different when someone asks who's playing and you respond Kansas....You better have a state or university after that because (and I quote) "It makes a huge difference" ;) .  He graduated from Texas Tech but grew up being a University of Texas fan because that's where his father went to school.  We support both but when they play each other it really depends on who the home team is as to who we cheer for.  I mostly support Texas Tech but after going to a Tech vs UT game, supporting Tech and being on UT home terf.....We found ourselves wanted to do the UT chants and school songs but couldn't because we were wearing red and black.

We have season tickets to Tech games and his mom still has their season tickets to UT games so football season we are on the go every weekend pretty much.  And I love it.

I've been to so many Tech games for football, basketball, and baseball.  UT the same.  We've been to numerous Texas Rangers games.  When we visited Chicago this past year (2 different times), we went to 3 Cubs games.  It was one of the major things we wanted to do on our adventure there.  This coming weekend we will be going to our first NBA game to watch the San Antonio Spurs play the Lakers in San Antonio.  I can't wait!  Travis wanted to see Kobe play before he retires and I'm always looking for an excuse to go to San Antonio.  Plus, I really want to see the Spurs play.  It's going to be a great time!

Not only do we love the sports, teams, atmosphere, but the history that comes along with it.  I mean, Wrigley Field?  Come on now...

I love having my "teams".  It's nice to be able to have a connection to a team that I'm cheering for and I'm not just what some call a "Wal-Mart fan". 

PS....There is absolutely nothing wrong with supporting a team and having no connection to them.  It just makes it more special and the experience more fun for me :)