Sunday, March 31, 2013

First 5k....check!


After months of waiting and anticipating, I finally got to participate in the Neon Splash Dash!  It was a great weekend all together though.  I flew out on Friday March 22nd to Houston and that was something to check off my weight loss bucket list by it's self (check out my blog on that here Weight Loss Bucket List ).  I was a little nervous before I got on the plane but once I was on the actual plane and in my seat it was all ok. 

The next day when I woke up McCarley and I had coffee on her back patio while we sat and chatted and drank.  I really wish we lived closer so we could do it more often but I cherish it even more when we do get to.  We were entertained by Olivia doing cheers and being her cute self :)  We even let Scott join us on the patio for a little bit lol.  After that we got ready and by that time Alicia had joined us (Lindsey met us there) at McCarley's for us to head to Houston.  I'm so glad McCarley suggested getting a hotel room instead of us driving back that night.  We would have been exhausted!  We got checked in and relaxed before getting ready for the dash.....

There were so many people there! Oh my gosh!  It was crazy!!  After we waited in line for our t-shirts ,blinking necklaces, and bracelets we were greeted by Lindsey to wait for the race to start.  Once we had our whole team there it got a lot more fun. 

They had us line up in front of the start line and it felt like they were herding us in like cattle lol.  They let so many go at a time and finally it was our turn!  One funny thing that happened right out of the gate was a girl tripped over a cone and hit the ground.  Kinda felt bad for her because doesn't that give the rest of the race a bad omen for her? lol.  They had check points (which we believe was every half K but we aren't for sure) where we were sprayed with glow in the dark stuff.  I say stuff because it was kinda foamy.  I made a joke to McCarley that I felt like we were at a rave/foam party lol.  And poor McCarley kept getting hit in the ear and at one point I looked and she had got hit in the eye.  She was a trooper about it though :).  After we hit all the check points and was sprayed with all different colors we hit the finish line!  It felt like a huge accomplishment to me! 

We might have looked like hot mess' but it was an absolute blast!!! If you are looking for a fun run defiantly try this one out!  I even have friends that are wanting to do it in September already :)  I might just have to participate with them...maybe even run more than I did this time. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

It's The Small Things In Life

When asked "Table or booth?" Without hesitation I said either. The old Christy would've said table without hesitation. The fact that I have no problem sitting in a booth comfortably both physical and with pride is a huge thing for me.

Ordering a t-shirt online and upon receiving it thinking "Oh that is not going to fit" and putting it on and it fits perfect!

Going to the doctor and not being spoken to in a very stern voice about my weight.

Wearing a cross body purse and feeling comfortable. Not thinking that people are looking at me thinking quietly "Big girl in a little purse...big girl in a little purse" (to the tune of "Fat guy in a little coat" from Tommy Boy". And for the record I love most F words but that 3 letter one I HATE!! And refuse to say it in most cases)

Having these pictures taken in remembrance of the first 100 (it was 116 at the time of the photos) lb loss! It was something I wanted to do forever and FINALLY was able to. KJae Photography (Kilah Flores) did these and she's amazing :)