Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Weight Loss Bucket List

Is not your typical bucket list....

Everyone says "Oh I have that on my bucket list!" but when it comes to a weight loss bucket list the items on that list are totally different.  If you've never been over weight you probably take things for granted and not even think anything about them. 

*NOTE:  As I type this Cross Canadian Ragweed's Sick and Tired is playing....appropriate...I think so...*  A couple of years ago ( I believe it was the first time I auditioned for The Biggest Loser)  I started my weight loss bucket list.  Some of the things on it probably seem silly to some but to me (and others) they are HUGE.  A few things on my particular list are things that I have done before but it's been a really, really, REALLY (like the dramatics of the last really :)  long time since I have even thought about doing them.  Hopefully this summer I will be able to cross a few things off of my list.

The List

Go to 6 flags and ride at least 1 roller coaster.-  Now I have been on a roller coaster before but it's been an extremely long time.  Let me just say it was the Judge Roy Scream.....enough said right lol.

Participate in a 5k- One of the things that by wanting to be on The Biggest Loser had made me really want to do is train and participate in a 5k.  The first one my goal is just to finish.  If I have to walk some of it so be it, but I will finish.  After the first one I might work on my time but I just want to finish and say I did it.  I hope it to be a color run :)

Possibly participate in a Mud Run- Now this will take a little training for...I think it would be so much fun doing the 5k in the mud but the thought of having to use a rope to climb a wall has me having flashes back to the 3rd grade in Miss Rex's P.E. class.....the day almost everyone dreaded lol.

No seatbelt extender-  When I arrive on an airplane not having to stop and as the flight attendent for a stupid extender will be AMAZING....

Purchase an outfit from a "regular"store-  I want to walk into a store that does not even offer plus size clothing and be able to purchase an outfit

Take a hike- literally....I want to be able to take off some afternoon and go hiking

I'm not in a hurry to mark them all off my list at once, but slowly but surly I will :)

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