Sunday, October 7, 2012

Between Then and Now

It's defiantly been a ride since my last blog....

On my 1 day until surgery day was a great one.  One of my friends put together a really neat thing for me.  He had messages sent to a lot of my friends to flood my Facebook page with love.  Leaving a comment or a picture of them with the number 1.  I was overwhelmed with the response!  Another neat thing was the people that didn't even get messaged about it jumping on board :)  After working that day and all the fun pictures/posts, it was time for me to go to MAF and get on a plane and fly to Dallas.

The day of the surgery was good.  I did start to get a little nervous lol.  My mom's response to me when I said that was "Finally!".  We had to be at the hospital at 6 am and then I went through all the preop fun stuff.  I said my name, birthday, and what kind of surgery I was having probably about 30 times.  And answered the same sets of questions about the same amount.  My surgeon was running late and when they finally came to take me back that was that.  I remember them putting the fun stuff in my IV in the pre op room, once in recovery, and then waking up for a second in my room.  They gave me some great stuff! lol.  I could not stay awake that day.  I fell asleep on a lot of people that came in the talk to me lol.  I feel bad but I could not keep my eyes open.  I took so many naps that day and the next.  Finally by the 3rd day I was more awake.  I'm not sure if it was the anaesthesia or what it was but I seriously couldn't keep my eyes open!  Back to the first day, I got sick about 3 times.  Nothing came up because I didn't have anything on my stomach to throw up.  It was just dry heaves and well know how much fun those are when we haven't had our stomach just operated on lol.  Sorry for the that gross part but hey, it's part of the process :).  A couple of people that I had talked to that have had the sleeve or the bypass said to get up and walk as soon as possible.  And they are so right.  It makes the soreness go away and it helps brake up the gas that they had to pump in you for the surgery go away.  I didn't walk much but I did get up and walk up and down the hallway once at least every hour.  Sometimes twice.  And also when they say to take sips....take sips!  It's the weirdest feeling because you can feel it going down your throat and hitting your stomach.  If you do take a big gulp because you forgot (speaking from experience lol)  it's hurts as if it went down the wrong way.  You defiantly are more conscious of this as the days go on.  We got to fly home on Friday and let me tell you.  That was an experience.  Not for the surgery part at all but we put my medicines I was prescribed on the plane with us with a couple of bottles of protein water that had not been opened.  One would think the narcotics I had would be a red flag....oh no...the protein water cause such a controversy.  I told them I didn't want it, throw it away, it was just stupid protein water from the hospital and the supervisor said that I was now flagged as well.  I went and sat down and this really nice security woman came over and was chatting and I started crying cause I was so mad lol.  So after checking it out  for about 10 minutes I was able to leave for the gate.  It was pretty ridiculous.  I stayed at my mom's that night and went straight to bed.  I was exhausted.  The next day I felt way better and decided to come home.  Nothing feels better than your own bed :)  I have decided that I don't need to sit on my couch for a week or two.  It hurts to get up after sitting on it.  Kinda like a staple is pinching me on my stomach.  So I shall sit on a dining room chair until then. 

 Today's day is 5 for me and I feel like I'm drinking more normal and will be able to get the required about of fluids in.  On day 1 it did not seem possible.  I'm defiantly not hungry at all and I think my taste buds have changed.  I LOVE coffee....or I should say I DID love coffee.  I had a cup at the hospital and it was disgusting lol. was probably decaf (yuck) and all I had was splenda to put in it.  Now I'm a true coffee drinker where I don't have to have the fancy coffee's from the coffee shops.  When I'm at home I have my Folgers medium roast and put 2 tbsp of french vanilla creamer in it.  No sweetener or any other creamers.  So this morning when I made my cup like I normally do, I kinda got nauseous.  It was over by the time the coffee was made though and I sipped it and it was pretty good :).  I changed to sugar free french vanilla creamer right now.  The only problem I have with it that it's I know I'm stupid.  

I have off until about Wednesday or Thursday depending on when I can get my staples out.  I'm looking forward to my mini vacation lol.  I'll be able to heal a little more before going back.  Can't wait to be farther in this process and be able to have at least Greek yogurt.  Love me some Greek yogurt :) 

Well until tomorrow or something else fabulous happens today....

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