Monday, October 8, 2012

Challenge: Accepted

Challenge: Won!

Today was kind of a difficult day. Not in the body healing aspect but more of in the mind healing aspect.

I've been pretty strong since the very beginning & continued to be strong through the surgery. Today was tough. I am still off work and I'm loving being able to have a couple of days to adjust, but I have got to keep busy. I was watching tv earlier this morning and started having cravings. Cravings for peanut butter. I am obsessed with peanut butter lol. I love pb by itself with a big glass of milk, pb crackers, pb milkshakes, pb & j sandwiches...I just LOVE pb! So I had gotten through that craving and have figured a way to incorporate it in my protein shakes. But then tonight my cravings moved to cheeseburgers & Italian food. If I saw one more Wendy's or Olive Garden commercial I feel like I could have turned into a binge eater. It looked so good! But luckily I had self control for the fact I could have done MAJOR damage to my stomach and all that I have worked for to have the surgery.

So when I started to feel like I really wanted one if those things I would get a water & focus on getting in my fluids for the day. That helped so much! I have always loved water by itself, but I love Crystal Light Raspberry Ice so I've been adding that in the mix as well. I also have found at my favorite grocery store HEB their version of CL but it being raspberry green tea and it is awesome! When I purchased it I only hit one box because I didn't want a bunch left over if I didn't like it. I need to go get more :)

I knew there were going to be days like this and I'm so thankful God has made me strong to resist & see the signs that I need to get up and do something to preoccupy my mind.

It's all about one day at a time and I'm so glad today is done and pray for a better tomorrow :)

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