Thursday, October 11, 2012

And the magic number is......


Since September 22nd ( my last appointment before the big surgery) I have lost 31 pounds!! 1 week post surgery I have lost 13.  I am so excited!! 

I went for my 1 week follow up to have my staples out and I was kinda sad cause that was pretty much the whole appointment.  I did get to chat with the practitioner that was doing my appointment and from the sounds of things I'm doing everything right :)  I got to move to cream soups yesterday......I know...exciting right ;)?  Nan went with me to my appointment and afterwards we went to Souper Salad and I wasn't sure what exactly I wanted to eat so I got a bowl of chicken enchilada and a bowl of potato.  The chicken enchilada is the one that sounded really good to me so I tried that one first.  I took a couple of bites and oh my gosh...I started feeling nauseous.  I took a drink of my water and tried the potato.  I had a much better reaction to it and it was really good!  There were a few chunks of potato in it but I just ate around them.  This was also the first time I had been in a restaurant since September 22nd.  I did very well and I was very proud of myself. 

This weekend I plan on making some really healthy soups in my crock pot to put into containers to freeze so I can just pull them out and warm them up.  I've found a few recipe's I'm wanting to try but I may have to make a few adjustments to some of them.  I'll post pictures and recipe's when I'm finished.

The only problem that is reoccurring is about 5 pm I want to go grab something for dinner or I start thinking about different foods.  And it's not that I'm hungry at all, it's just habit I assume.  Today when I got off work (yep went back today :) I wanted to go grab something but I didn't for obvious reasons.  When I got to my house I got a Popsicle and ate it and that helped a lot.  I waited about an hour and then fixed me a tomato soup I had in the cabinet.  I know it will get easier in time and I just need to be patient.  Which I am :)


  1. I think you mean September instead of November ;) Congrats on the weight loss so far!!

  2. lol!!! I wrote this before I went to bed last night...guess I was more tired than I thought! I have no idea why I put November though lol. It has been corrected :)