Sunday, March 9, 2014

I Can't Stop Smiling

I can't.....

I try......

But.... I can't.... :)

The past 6 months have been the most amazing consecutive 6 months I've had in a {REALLY} long time. 

Do you know how hard it is to be an open book, to be a blogger, and to date someone that wants nothing posted online?  Not on my blog, not on Facebook, not on Twitter....NO WHERE.  It's so hard!!!  There have been times I have wanted to blog about something but knew that he would be really uncomfortable with it.  Even though he has no idea what my blog address is (or that I even still blog)  I don't want to betray him and blog about it so I've just been quite.  Even though that is one downfall, I am so in {love} with this man.  He is everything I have prayed about.  I am so eternally grateful that he worked with my uncle that had mentioned me and that {T} asked for my number.  I'm not sure I've ever posted how exactly we met so here it goes :)

The first time I heard about {T} was the Monday before my uncle and his wife's craw fish boil in April.  I had said I was going, but I wasn't really all that sure that I was.  I had a vendor event with some friends that Saturday and wasn't sure if I would feel up to going.  That Monday evening I received a phone call from his wife asking if I was coming to the boil.  I told her that I wasn't sure and what was going on.  She responded with "Well we want to introduce you to a guy the Bruce works with..."  She told me his name, that he was an engineer, that he didn't grow up here, etc.  I told her ok I'd go.  It was year of why not.  If someone wanted to set me up with someone I'd go.  Even if I had no attraction or want to, I'd go.  What did I have to lose?  Saturday, the day of the boil, rolls around.  I go to my event and the entire time I am completely nervous.  I have not gotten nervous about meeting anyone in a really long time so this was a bit odd.  I didn't even get nervous meeting people of dating websites.  I kept thinking "Well this is ridiculous...Why am I so nervous?  This is silly".  While I was at my event one of my bestie's was at the boil checking things out for me.  I would text Kristy and ask if she had seen the guy they wanted to set me up with, she would say no.  At 5:30 I finally made it to the boil.  When I arrived I kept looking around, looking for anyone new.  I did not see anyone I didn't know.  Any time a truck would pull up my stomach would hit the floor.  Wondering if that was him.  After about 2 hours of waiting I decided he was not coming and I was going home.  Kristy and I joked and said he was a myth.  He didn't really exist......Fast forward to Friday, September 6th.  Now, I'm a detailed person (as you can tell from my blogs :) so I remember the date because it was 2 days before our first day which was on a friends birthday.  So it makes it really easy to remember.  I was at home getting ready for another Origami Owl Jewelry Bar event and my phone rings.  It's Deirdre asking me if it's ok if Bruce gives my number to {T}.  I said sure!  I mean if he really did exist why not talk to him.  A couple of hours later I was texting with {T}.  We hit it off from the very beginning.  On that Sunday we were still texting and I just had a feeling and knew....He was going to ask me to dinner.  That afternoon I started getting ready, not saying anything to him about it.  Later that day (early evening) he said "Well Christy I've loved texting you but I'd love to hear your voice and actually talk"  I said "Ok, on the phone or in person?" ;)  "Well I was thinking the phone but in person works too".  We made plans to have dinner at Cork and Pig Tavern.  I finished getting ready and headed that way.  When I got there I was slightly nervous but found out right away that I really liked this guy.   It was the most amazing feeling.  I had not felt that way about someone in a long time, let alone on the first date!  After dinner neither one of us was ready to say good night so  we went to Starbucks and continued the amazing conversation.  Six months later we are still continuing our conversation (and we almost always have Starbucks when we are's kinda our thing :) and I'm still getting butterflies in my stomach for this man.......

  This is at the end of our first date.  I always thought it was neat people who had pictures from their first date so I made him take one with me.

PS....He had no idea about me until September.  Bruce never mentioned me being at the boil and them introducing us.  He didn't show up because he had other stuff going on :)