Sunday, May 30, 2010

Maybe Baby, It's You

In the last year of me being in American Business Womens Association for our dinner theatre I had decided to do this amazing show called "Maybe Baby, It's You".  I first heard about this show because Tori Spelling met her ex husband while performing this show and he happened to be one of the writers.  When I was reading her book Stori Telling I was reminded of it and went and searched the publishing company and ordered a copy.  When I got it I was hooked the first scene lol.   I had my friends Scott and Laura read it as well and they loved it too.  We ended up having to cancel the dinner theatre and did not get to do the show.  Well yesterday I had lunch with Scott, Laura, Janet and Axton and Scott and I were talking and I told him I still really wanted to do that show.  He suggested that we could do it as a fundraiser for our MS team.  What a brillliant idea lol!  Hopefully we get started on it soon.  We already have idea's about director, location, food, etc. so hopefully we'll get on the ball.  I'll keep ya posted and if your in the West Texas area you'll have to come see the show and donate money for a great cause :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Someone Else's Star

Someone Else's Star

Bryan White

Alone again tonight without someone to love.

The stars are shining bright so one more wish goes up.

Oh, I wish I may and I wish with all my might.

For the love I'm dreaming of and missing in my life.

You'd think that I could find a true love of my own.

It happens all the time to people that I know.

Their wishes all come true so I've got to believe.

There's still someone out there who is meant for only me.

I guess I must be wishing on someone else's star.

It seems like someone else keeps gettin what I'm wishing for.

Why can't I be as lucky as those other people are?

I guess I must be wishing, on someone else's star.

I sit here in the dark and stare up at the sky,

But I can't give my heart one good reason why.

Everywhere I look it's lovers that I see.

It seems like everyone's in love with everyone but me.