Thursday, November 1, 2012

At least it's only Pintrest I'm addicted to right?

Hi my name is Christy and its been 8 hours since my last pin.."hi Christy, glad you're here..."

Pintrest can be so addicting! It starts with one pin here and one pin there and 1400 pins have an amazing closet, fabulous home, and your meals planned out for the next 10 years.

My friends Cristan, Kim, & Analee decided to have a pintrest craft day. We could've done them alone but it's oh so much more fun doing it with friends :). I had decided to do some mason jar drinking cups, Cristan did a Halloween themed hanging sign, Kim did a Christmas wreath, and Analee made a hanging sign for her Grandma for Christmas. There's turned out awesome! Mine on the other hand....not so much lol

Well I decided to paint the sides and when I first decided to do this project I was going to use paint pens. I went against my better judgement and when I got to Hobby Lobby I bought stencils and patio paint (I figured that paint would weather better for instead of the paint pens I originally had thought to purchase. After putting the stencils on and painting it I let it dry. When I felt it was time I pulled the stencils off...and the paint came with it. I even tried with acrylic paint. No luck. I did try with spray paint but didnt like how it turned out.

Even though my craft didn't turn out that great it was still a really fun day! I can't wait until our next one! I'm going to be doing things for decorating my house for Christmas and I will be taking pictures to post with my blog :)

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