Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Comparison Shot

It's only a facial one but I decided to do it.  I am waiting to do the body comparison until I've lost 100 lbs and that shouldn't be to long!

The picture on the left was taken around Memorial Day and the picture on the right was taken Thanksgiving day.  Everyone tells me they can really tell in my face and now I see it.  I can tell in my clothes and what not so I know (and never doubted that I was) losing weight but i can definatley tell a difference with these 2 pictures.  I can' wait to post a full body picture and it may be soon!  As of today (and the 10 lbs I lost last week can be credited to the stomach bug lol :) I have lost.....

68 lbs!!!!

To my first goal:

Stay tuned for the full body comparison....

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