Monday, March 11, 2013

It's The Small Things In Life

When asked "Table or booth?" Without hesitation I said either. The old Christy would've said table without hesitation. The fact that I have no problem sitting in a booth comfortably both physical and with pride is a huge thing for me.

Ordering a t-shirt online and upon receiving it thinking "Oh that is not going to fit" and putting it on and it fits perfect!

Going to the doctor and not being spoken to in a very stern voice about my weight.

Wearing a cross body purse and feeling comfortable. Not thinking that people are looking at me thinking quietly "Big girl in a little purse...big girl in a little purse" (to the tune of "Fat guy in a little coat" from Tommy Boy". And for the record I love most F words but that 3 letter one I HATE!! And refuse to say it in most cases)

Having these pictures taken in remembrance of the first 100 (it was 116 at the time of the photos) lb loss! It was something I wanted to do forever and FINALLY was able to. KJae Photography (Kilah Flores) did these and she's amazing :)

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