Saturday, January 15, 2011

I can kick...I can stretch.....I'mmmmmmm 30!

lol Ok so unless you have watched Saturday Night Live in the 90's you might not get the title but Molly Shannon had a character that would say that except she would say she was 50 lol.  I know that I'm late blogging about it but hey, at least I'm doing it now lol.  My sister and Ranston came down for my birthday and I was so glad they were here.  I had a really hard time turning 29 for some reason and I was worried about 30.  She and our friend Angela had orginized a great day!  At 8 am my dad brought me breakfast (which wasn't out of the ordinary for when he's in town) and handed me an envelope with some quick picks in it.  It was random but not out of the ordinary because we do random stuff like that all the time.  Then at 9 am my friend Lindsey Barnes brought me a bouquet of suckers and said there is 30 of them.
Like the cup I put them in? lol.  I thought it was random but still wasn't catching on and thought "Um ok what's up with this?" lol.  Then at 10 am Kristy Crutcher brought me some scratch off's for my birthday.  By this time I'm starting to think ok something is going on. Kristy had given me scratch off's before for my birthday.  She mentioned there was 30 and that's when it clicked.  I went in and looked at the quick picks from my dad and there were 30 of those also.  At 11 am my Grandmother brought me 30 little Dr. Peppers and my Mom and Craig sent 30 roses. 
I met my sister at noon at La Hacienda and when I walked to the back some of my friends were there as well :) Cymbre, Angela Kennedy, Robbie and Jage Reed Stokes, Kristy, Kason, and Kynlee Crutcher, Lindsey and Cannon Barnes, Betty Zamora, Lorena Bustamante, and Victoria Guiterrez. 
I got a crown and everything :) After we ate lunch Cymbre and Angela had gotten me cupcakes from Gigi's Cupcakes and I was so excited!  I had been wanting to try those cupcakes forever.

Talk about a sugar rush!  They were sooo good though :)  Cymbre also had them write a little note on cards for me.  They were really sweet.  After lunch Angela was my 1 pm and she brought me a zebra print pail with gold coins in it and there were quarters at the bottom.  Her card was the funniest card I had read in a long time.  It said "You know your getting old when you see a cute guy.....and wonder if his dad is single" lol.  Which is beginning to be true lol.  Robbie was my 2 pm and she brought me a gift card to Cpl Ray's.  Yum, love me some coffee.  My Nana was my 3 pm and she brought me 30 (1) dollar bills.  At 4 pm Natasha Riley brought me 3 rolls of quarters.  Then 5 pm came and my sister was my 5 pm.  She gave me the cutest shabby chic container.  In the container was 30 pieces of paper.  On those pieces of paper were 30 memories.  That was the most thoughtful gift I've received in a couple of years.  I also got some great photograph's from my Dad, 2 new watches from my Mom and Craig, and another most thoughtful gift was a cookbook my Mama made me.  I have wanted one of these for 10 years now.  A long time ago (I say long time because I can't remember when she did this but I know it was 10 years ago lol) she was addicted to Creative Memories scrap booking.  She made my Nana and her self a cookbook that had family receipe's along with photo's and other fun things from family members.  Well come to find out she has been making me one as well!! I had just mentioned to my Nana that I was going to "steal" her's and make copies of it lol.  When I opened the box I think I looked more surprised about it than anything :)  We ate dinner at my Nan's and I failed to mention at the beginning of this, but it was her birthday as well lol.  We had enchilada's from the meat market here because they delicious and easy.  After dinner my Mom, Cymbre, Angela, Sumer, Scott, and I left for Hobbs, NM to gamble at the casino.  I didn't win any money but my Mom kept sitting next to me and I couldn't think because her machine kept going off lol.  It was a really great day and really appreciated all that was done by everyone.  I feel blessed and loved for sure and the next time I'm feeling I'm not I'm going to reread this blog post :)


My cousin Sumer and I love watching Glee and one night while watching Rachel Berry pulls out her "boombox" and it is bedazzled lol.  It was so funny.  I made the comment "I need one of those!!!" Well low and behold Sumer and one of her friends spent alot of time and patience on a bedazzled radio and gave it to me for my birthday!  It's awesome!!! It has found a home in my kitchen and fits in perfectly :) It was another one of the thoughtful gifts :)

Oh and I just had to add this picture....isn't he adorable?  :)


  1. WOW YOU POSTED SOMETHING LOL JK... AND YOU FORGOT TO MENTION YOUR RADIO (EVEN THOUGH IT WAS BEFORE YOUR BIRTHDAY.. I COULDN'T WAIT)!!!! LMAO... Glad you had a great birthday and i had so much fun as the casino!!! We need to do it again before your next b day lol

  2. lol I thought I had posted about it already but I guess it was somewhere else lol. I added on just for you :)

  3. oh and show your mom my title....she'll crack up lol