Sunday, April 14, 2013

Little Bit Of This...Little Bit Of That...

I know I'm going to sound so ridiculous when I say this but.....

I am so excited that I can feel my collar bone! lol

I know!  I sound ridiculious but for someone that hasn't seen her collar bone in quite some time it feels amazing!  I catch myself feeling it during the day lol.  And when I look in the mirror I can see it and that makes me excited as well :)

So one of my friends from high school had the sleeve surgery this past Monday.  I was just as giddy the day before and the day of  for her like I was for my own surgery and I was the same way with my Dad when he had his surgery.

Speaking of my Dad, he is doing amazing with his surgery!  Since March 6th (when he started his liquid diet) he has lost 48 lb's!  He is off of all his medications!!  That is so amazing!! I'm so excited for him and the journey he's going through. 

Remember that one shirt ?  Well....

I can wear it!! With confidence even!! It was so exciting when I put it on and looked in the mirror!  Today I'm going through my closet today and getting rid of a lot of my stuff that is way to big for me.  I'll be limited to my wardrobe choices for a while but it'll be worth it to get it out of my closet lol. 

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