Tuesday, December 15, 2009

BUNCO!!!!! again....lol

Can you tell I love playing bunco with my friends?  lol This group that I play with is my "new" group.  I wanted to be able to play with my other friends too so I decided to start another bunco group.  We have had so much fun for our first year.  We had our Christmas bunco on Monday and with this group we drew names.  I drew Ragan's name and I think I got her a super fun gift lol.  I got her a 3 month subscription to Netflix.  I have it and thought she'd love it too :)  I put it in a cute little plastic popcorn sack (that Kristy found for me at Target :) I was so glad cause I had looked everywhere! lol) and put Reece's in the bottom, a Coke, and some popcrn on top.  Robbie had drawn my name and looky what she got me :) 

For those that know me, know I'm a huge NKOTB fan.  My sister and I got to meet them and sit 3rd row on the first leg of the reunion tour in Dallas a year ago.  It was amazing.  When we were younger we would listen to this on cassette lol while we decorated the tree.  It was pretty much tradition at our house lol.  She also got me a gift  card to Cpl Ray's (coffee shop here in town....and in my oppinion actually better than Starbucks lol)...yummmm oooooo!

Here are some shots from it :) Robbie got camera happy lol.  Betty ended up getting most bunco's,  I took 2nd, and Hilda took most losses.  I think Christy Snodgrass took 1st but I can't remember....darn that old age....lol.

I'm guessing Betty rolled bad or became camera shy lol.

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  1. Looks like fun!! I really like the pic of you and Lindsey! LOL...