Saturday, December 5, 2009


I love to play bunco.  I play with 2 different groups I love it so  Well I mainly have two groups because I want to be able to hang out with both groups lol.  I've been playing bunco with my old group for about 10 years now.  It's crazy to think that lol.  My friend Natasha had asked me to be a sub at her mom's group and I accepted....then I became a permenant member.  This year we did things a little different except 3 things.  We still ate good food, had a great time, and had our big roll off lol.  Every year we bring 12 extra dollars and we have a roll off with your table and whoever rolls the highest number get's the $48 :).  We were down 2 people this year so every "table" got $40.

We also exchanged gifts but normally we would draw names but we did a Chinese Christmas and I ended up getting Becky's gift which is amazing!  Cynthia, Becky, and Kim make these blankets and they are fabulous! I'm going to have to get them to help me make a few lol.

Also, yesterday morning this is what I woke up to......

Not what I wanted to see lol.  I HATE snow.  I HATE cold.  I was not happy lol.  It's not that I really hate snow I hate the ice that comes with it.  This is what it looked like when I got to work......

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  1. WOW!! There was so much snow! I didn't think there'd be that much. Congrats on winning the roll off!