Sunday, November 15, 2009

Diapers, Diapers, and More Diapers

When my cousin Sumer was pregnant with her precious baby Drake I volunteered to help with her baby shower. I wanted a cute center peice and had gotten a diaper cake for a friends shower and thought "Hey! I could make that!!" lol. So I made a Winnie the Pooh inspired cake and it was super cute for being my first time and I think was a pretty good hit (if I do say so myself lol). So when my friend Janet was talking about her website I started thinking. I need a project/part time job and I enjoyed making Drake's cake so what the heck, let's try this! So Janet is graciously allowing me to put them on her webiste and sell them. I'm also going to be posting them here also. Here are a few that I have made to get the ball rolling. All of them can be customized. I'm excited about some that I have in mind to make. Just need to get the extra add on's. I have some total boy print ribbon that I'm going to be doing in the next couple of days...just think camoflauge and john deere lol.

This is Ranston's cake that I made for his Mama's (my sister Cymbre) shower

And here are some I did so I'd have pictures for my blog and website

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