Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm an Aunt :)

Sweet little Ranston made his debut!! I love him so much! lol.  Monday Feburary 15th my sister called my mom at 5:45 am and said we are fixing to go to the hospital...so my mom calls me and says "Get up, get your stuff together cause we are fixing to go to Victoria".  So I get up and get my stuff together and we left Odessa about 7:30 am.  After our 7 1/2 hour drive and even us going to the wrong hospital ( don't ask lol) we made it 30 minutes before she had him.  Yea!!

Since we left on a Monday that meant I wouldn't be in Odessa for my weigh in on Tuesday :(  So I texted the leader of our group and she asked if I could weigh myself while I was here and I lost 3 lbs!!! I was so excited because I was worried that I would have stayed the same or gained a pound because on Thursday I started to feel really crappy.  I was lightheaded and nose was burning lol kinda like sinus stuff.  It lasted until Sunday afternoon.  Thank goodness cause I couldn't have been around Ranston if I were sick.  But I did end up losing my voice last night because I talked on the phone alot of the way down to Victoria and sang alot lol.  Crazy how that happened huh?

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