Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Well I had my second weigh in last night and I lost 4 lbs!!! I was so happy lol.  I had been doing great and sticking to plan but for some reason I just wasn't sure.  It'll take a few weigh in's I think for me to not be that way.  I was the biggest loss this week on my team! Yea!  I was in such a grouchy irritable mood (it's kinda spilled over to today) and wasn't going to work out when I went to weigh in but decided to.  I felt so much better afterwards!  I hope today's work out goes the same.  They finally opened the pool back up from getting maintanence done and  I want to swim but not today.  Robbie's been going to the gym with me and even though we listen to our ipods and dont chat that much it's been nice just having someone there and to ride with me. 

We are still waiting on Ranston to be here.  He apparently is like his mother and is being stubborn...j/k sister lol.  His due date isn't until the 18th but I hate just sitting here waiting for a phone call to leave for Beeville/Victoria.  I'm just worried I won't make it in time.  Cymbre sent me a pic of a onsie she saw at Beall's there and I have to go see if it is at our store.  It's so cute!!  When I get it I'll post a picture :)

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