Thursday, July 22, 2010

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I posted this on my msg board on 3 Fat Chicks and wanted to post it here too....this guy was a complete jerk.  I know we have a mutal friend (I saw his facebook page on there's)  and was going to call him out on facebook but couldn't find his page..hmm...weird...i know.  Then I was going to save his picture to my computer and post it but then I didn't want to get in "trouble" for stealing his picture lol.  So I'm posting his asshole (that's how serious I am folks...even though I can curse like a sailor  I don't like to on my social network pages) page here Jerk's Match Page

so ladies i have a question for ya....i haven't come across mean people in a while (well in reference to my weight) but tonight i did. i'm on and there was this guy that had a picture on his profile of him skinning a hog (i live in texas remember lol) and i sent a msg just making a funny comment about it because it's just random....well he sent me a nasty msg back saying basicly i wonder how much fat i'd skin off her hog a$$ and eat less and move more....being really mean....if people are mean like that to you does that make you want to eat more or get up and excercise? if i'm not in an emotional mood then i want to excercise...if i'm in an emotional mood i just want to sit there an cry lol...with a big dr. i'm not a big drinker so that's like my drink to drink if i'm depressed lol. weird i know...

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  1. That guy is just mad because he knows you are to good for him i would just laugh in his face at what he wrote to you!! You are a great person so dont let jerks like that bring you down.. There not worth it!!!