Saturday, September 18, 2010

Reason 432,238,348,121 for why I am tired of being single

I am so tired of being single for many different reasons but the one that that comes to mind today is I HATE having to go to events alone.  I hate going alone even when I'm with my friends because all of their husbands are there.  It has got to where I sometimes don't go because I don't want to be the only single person there.  It never really bothered me until a couple of months ago.  One of my dearest friends is getting married today.  One of my other friends said she was gonig to wedding so I thought oh good I'm not going to have to go alone.  Well now I'm going alone.  I toyed with the thought of calling one of my guy friends from Odessa that knows her as well and seeing if he'd come and go with me but timewise there just isn't enough of it now.  As for the "single" issue, yes I go on dates every once in a while and I have let my guard go on a few qualities that would have made me say no in the past. I really am opening my eyes and trying because what if someone who has a quality that I use to think I would hate actually has it and GASP I actually like.  But they just haven't had enough good qualities to over come those others.  I was bored and uninterested.  And yes I know that I'm way to comfortable with the life I've grown accustom to but I really am trying to put myself out there more but I still need someone to make me laugh and make me WANT to see them on a 2nd date.  If you don't have a good time on the first date or feel even a smal smal small spark then why go on the 2nd date? 

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