Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a Scentsy Christmas

So I had my Scentsy holiday party today :)  It was a great success!  I had it at my Nana's and Sumer had helped me carry all my stuff over and decorate.  We did a good job lol!  If I do say so myself lol. 

Don't YOU want a stocking full of Scentsy?

Take me home and earn free Scentsy!

I gave away goodies!! A red snow flake plug in, a heavenly plug in, a gingerbread man full size warmer and a design it yourself warmer w/ the trim the tree stickers :)

See we use old candles to hold door's open now :) lol

A holiday tradition in my family is peanut butter squares, chocolate covered peanuts, and sausage balls (I threw in the tortilla roll ups lol) so of course I had to have treats there :)  My Nana made the sausage balls and she wasn't sure if the one batch was enough so she sent me to the store again for more ingredients and I think my family was glad because everyone got to take some home lol.  My mom was also nice enough to make wassel!! I love that stuff!  This really put me in the holiday spirit and I hope it did everyone that was nice enough to come :)


  1. Aww we did do a good job setting everything up there was just one problem!! I SPENT WAY TO MUCH lol jk!! Im excited to get all of my stuff!!

  2. Lmao u stayed under budget though

  3. Looks like you guys had fun! Can't wait to have my basket party. ;-)

  4. i know i can't wait for you to have it either!!!