Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ribbon, Ribbon, and More Ribbon!

So if you have read my blog from the beginning you know that I had dabbled in diaper cakes but I never sold any lol.  So I have a ton of ribbon left over that I would love to get rid of.  It's just sitting there and like everyone else I could use the money lol.  It would be great for bows, diaper cakes, or any other project that you need ribbon for.  Here's a pic of them and if anyone is interested I can email individual pictures, just leave a comment and leave a comment if you want to purchase some or all :)  If it doesn't sell in a week I'm going to try selling at my garage sale I hope to have next weekend, so let me know!


  1. What in the heck is a diaper cake? I must be behind on the

  2. lol click on diaper cakes and it'll take you to a link....i tried to make it a different color but i don't think i got it lol. but they are diapers rolled up and then made into the shape of a cake (like a 3 tieir wedding cake) and some ppl go all out with the stuff on it