Saturday, July 20, 2013

Can I borrow your pen?

Can I borrow your pen?

NEED A SEAT BELT EXTENDER .....thanks!  I needed to mark that off my list :)

I had the most amazing time in Phoenix.  It started on an amazing note for sure.  My sister took me to the airport and on our ride over I have to admit, I was nervous.  I wasn't nervous to fly by any means because I had faced that fear in March (not scared of flying itself but you'll see in an old blog why I was) but that I wasn't going to get to cross "have to wear a seat belt extender" on the plane off my list.  I went through security, went to my gate and patiently waited.  When we were able to board it was the moment of truth.  I walked past the flight attendant and gave them a smile.  Continued to my seat.  Moved the seat belt for me to sit down.  Went to buckle it and....I didn't need an extender!!!  It was so exciting!  Then I decided to try the lap tray.  Would it still hit my stomach?  Would it be leaning and I'd have to hold my drink and my iPad like before?  I reached for the lap tray didn't hit my stomach!  I was in awe!  Now to see if the arm rest goes down just fine....and it did!  I seriously had tears in my eyes.  I wanted to cry but in no way wanted to be the weird girl in row 5 seat c crying!  So I started thinking about other things to not let myself cry.  My mind would go right  back to the moment and I'd get teary eyed again.  It was such a monumental moment in my life.  It made me feel so good that I was able to cross that off of my list.  Now to cross some other items off my list :)

I am so blessed to be a part of an amazing company.  I knew the O2 Experience was going to be amazing but it blew my expectations out of the water!

I've exploited my trip all over my Facebook and my Instagram so I'm not going to post to many here.

The Sheraton was decorated with O2 swag through out the lobby.  So naturally we had to take a picture beside it.  The woman in the picture is my friend Renee Alaniz.  She and I met when I sold Initial Outfitters.  After we left IO we stayed in touch and I'm so thankful that we did.  She made the decision about a month ago to join my Origami Owl team, Whooo {Loves} You Team.  After she decided that she decided she wanted to go to convention in Phoenix with me.  So glad she did too!  Even though she had to leave early we had a great time!  The 2nd photo is banners that were lined up and down the main streets in downtown Phoenix.  All of them had positivity pouring out of them.  That is one of the many reason's I love Origami Owl.  This one says "Today....Happiness has found you" :)

Even though I have the Whooo {Loves} You team we are also a part of 2 other teams ( I know it's confusing but it'll be easy to keep up with ;).  We are a part of the corporate team, The {Love} Team, and a part of The Ruffled Feathers.  It was so fun getting to actually meet these women in person.  We've all carried on conversations on Facebook either privately or in our group page so it was great to have voices and actual faces to put with their Facebook's.  The black and white photo is The {Love} Team in our spirit circle.  I named it that so I'm not sure what everyone else is calling it :).  We went around the group and introduced ourselves with our names and where we are from then went around and gave high 5's out.  How can you not have a great day when you start it out that way?  The Love.Inspire.Motivate was one of the slides that was up while we were waiting for things to start.  I absolutly love this picture.  It's my mantra and the way they displayed it just looks amazing.  It definatly rejuvinates me to continue one of my mission of helping and inspiring people to be a better them.  Or as O2 would say, To be a force of good :)

We had so much fun at the white party!  I was so glad it finally came so I could wear this stinking dress!  It has been in my closet for a couple of weeks waiting on this day.  I've had to really talk myself out of wearing it a couple of times :).  It was a very comfortable dress and I felt really good in it.  I'm also proud to say that not a single person had on the same dress lol.

Day 2 was all about breakout sessions.  We had a general session in the morning then O2 provided us lunch then we moved onto our breakout sessions.  Breakout sessions are pretty much small classes that were 45 minutes long.  We could go to 5 of them.  They were very crazy but awesome at the same time.  In one of them on mentoring (upline is referred to as mentors with Origami Owl) it was standing room only.  It was crazy!  They also had these fun photo booths with props or you could just be silly.

Here I am in my gala dress.  I felt amazing in this dress as well.  This is the dress that I almost hyperventilated in the middle of Dillard's over.  If you missed that blog check it out here.  I told someone that it really was a comfortable dress, so much so I could've just sat in it to watch tv :)

Had such a great time at the awards gala!  It was a lot of fun to get all dolled up and see everyone else get dolled up as well.  I don't get very many opportunities to get REALLY dressed up so it was so much fun.  It really helps a girls self esteem to do that ever so often.  They served a dinner salad with a sweet vinaigrette dressing.  It also had mandarin oranges and strawberry's.  I only ate a few bites of it because I wanted to eat some of the main course.  After the salad our main course of roast and chicken with asparagus, mashed potato's, and a carrot came out.  I only ate a little bit of the roast and a little bit of the chicken, a bite of the potato's, and the carrot.  It was a really good dinner.  Then dessert came.... Oh dessert.  You are so tempting some times.  It's really weird though.  Since my surgery and the great loss I've had it is so much easier to say no all together or take a bite or two and then send it away.  They served a chocolate mousse desert.  It was really good but I really wanted a cup of coffee so I took a bite and then I was done.  That brings me to a question.  One of the people I was sitting with was eating their's and stated "Ug, I hate chocolate" and proceeded to eat the whole thing.  Why do we do that?  Earlier that day I had witnessed a woman that was eating a hot dog.  She had taken one, maybe two bites of it, say "This is the worst hot dog I have ever eaten"  then proceeded to eat the whole hot dog!  Why do we do that?  Is it because we are hungry or is it because it's food and it's there we're going to eat it?  I was discussing this with my Grandmother and she pointed out that older people will eat it even if it's not good because they grew up with parents from the depression era that would make them eat everything on their plates and not waste any food.  I agreed that I could understand if that was the case but these people were between 30-55 in age.  I think if we just say "Eww this is disgusting" and proceed to throw it in the trash we would all be a lot healthier and a lot thinner.  I know it's easier said than done.  Trust me.  I know :)

One of the exciting things I was looking forward to was Origami Owl giving away a 2013 white Jeep Wrangler.  I just knew I was going to win....well I didn't lol.  But my friend Kim did!  She has been something of an Origami Owl celebrity the past few days.  She's all over our newsletters. She was in our webinar.  She's EVERYWHERE! lol I love it though!  It was so fun actually knowing the person that won.  When Bella said her name Amber, Kim, and I started screaming "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh" and then I turned to Kim and both of us looked at each other, took a deep breath and screamed "Oh my gosh!" again.  It was so funny!!

Meet Allison!  Alice's (Bella's Jeep) sister!  Congrats again Kim!


  1. Just stumbled across your blog! You're adorable and this post gave me goosebumps!!! You should be so proud of yourself. I have a similar goal...crossing the bad "O"word off my chart at the Dr. Thanks for the feel good inspiration!
    Oh and I love all your wardrobe picks for fall!!

    1. I'm glad you stumbled across it! And thank you ma'am! I feel very proud and so excited of my accomplishments so far. I can't wait to announce when I hit my next goal! Hopefully it won't be long :) And you'll get to scratch that off your list :) I know it! And thanks about the fall wardrobe! You'll have to check back to see what all I got :)