Wednesday, July 31, 2013

All She Wants to do Is....All She Wants to do is Dance

Who doesn't love to dance?

I was doing some work and listening to an online radio station and before I knew it i was dancing in my chair.  Now mind you, there was no one else here with me :).  When I worked for Tessco and I heard the Marcarana come on I would make the other girls get up and have a random dance party.  It's a great way to break up the day and to spice it up.  And who doesn't love to dance silly?  I mean how much fun is it to dance like a fool in the privacy of your own home (or office ;).  I wouldn't recommend doing it on a dance floor but if you don't dance silly, you have to start today!  Here are a few of my favorite songs to dance silly to....

Now if you can resist moving on this one....I'm not quite sure we can be  And do it with out the hand phone gesture....Oh I'm the only one that does that?

Yeah, yeah yyyyyeeeeaaaahhhhh

Can't have a blog like this with out this song, I mean really :)

Bummp bump bummp bump it up like a Tonka truck....

And to end the blog I present to you one of my all time favorite songs from the 90's...

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