Tuesday, September 18, 2012

10...9..8..7...6.5..4.3..2..1...Happy New You!

It's getting so close!! I'm so excited still! Getting a tiny bit nervous about my new life though. Or it could just be anxiousness..

I decided to go ahead and announce on my Facebook what the countdown was for. I was overwhelmed by the response!! I thought I'd get at least one "Why the hell are you doing that?" but nope! Not a one! I feel silly to admit it but half way through the "likes" and comments I got emotional. It was really nice to see people caring. I know people care about me but when you spend a majority of your time alone you tend to forget. Everyone had such nice and positive things to say! I even found out that one of my friends is in the same process I am! She had to wait a little longer for hers but she won't be far behind me. I am on a message board group for weight loss and have now moved to the wls (weight loss surgery) side of it, and even though I chat with people there it is really nice actually knowing the person going through the same things as me. We'll be able to share stories, recipes, and our ups & downs along the way. I can't wait...

As of today I have 15 more days....FIFTEEN!!

Get your champagne, confetti, & noise makers ready....

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