Friday, September 7, 2012

Care For a Slice of Bitter Pie?

Well that didn't taste all...

After I auditioned for Biggest Loser Season 13, gone through call backs, and didn't receive anything after that I was a bit bitter.  With a hurt heart I started watching season 13 just like the rest of America did.  Then when I saw how ungrateful they were I just couldn't bare to watch. So I took it off series recording and went along on my merry little way.  It wasn't until I heard that BL was coming back for a 14th season and had decided to audition again that I decided to pick it up again. I'm not saying that I liked the cast of season 13 but I did start watching again.  Now, I'll admit I was never the faithful watcher. If another show needed to record but could because of BL I'd always take it off and put the new show on. I would however catch up through Netflix or buying them on iTunes.  On July 20th I traveled to Dallas to audition again for BL. I was more prepared this time than last. I got a new outfit that screamed "Pick me! I'm fun & fashionable!" for the audition and then a "Cute, amazing,well put together gal and I look good on camera"  outfit for the call back I just knew I was going to get. long story short with that audition is that I didn't get that call back. All the arrows pointed to yes but when it came down to it, it was really a mis print on the sign & should've said no.  When I realized I hadn't gotten a call back I think my friends with me were waiting on me to crack. I didn't. I think I was more in shock. When I got home & called my mom again is when I had my little break down. I was crushed.  A few days later I made a huge decision that I had been going back & forth with for some time.

I decided to have the gastric sleeve done.  I had talked to a guy that lives here in Andrews a few months before that had the procedure done & had amazing results. He was so happy with his decision.  I looked up his doctors website again & this time I noticed that he had opened an office in Lubbock. I called scheduled my 1st appointment & made the first step to my new beginning. I have never been one for a quick fix or a quick fix diet. I have always been against it. I know some people view this as a quick fix and they couldn't be more wrong. I am having the oppritunity to start over. Receive basically a new stomach. I want to be that person that eats organic. I want to be that person that is able to go run when it cools off in the evening. I want to be that person that can walk into a department store & not be limited to what I can try on let alone purchase. I am being given the oppritunity to start over and have the weight come off faster so that I won't get discouraged or bored. By the time I get to the number month that it usually starts happening for that I will probably will have lost 120 lbs as compared to the 60 I would normally have lost & be getting restless. My surgery date is October 3rd and I absolutely can not wait. It's been a long time coming.

Even though after the audition this year I took another bite if the bitter pie I have finally got the taste out of my mouth. I want to thank Biggest Loser. By getting caught up it has taught me different things that I can do differently the 2nd time around and has made me want to become the athlete that I want to be or hope to be. In the spring I will enter my first 5k and by the summer I will enter my first mud run. I want to inspire people and since I won't be doing it through The Biggest Loser, I hope that through my blog & everyday life I can help someone get the bitter taste out of their mouths and start eating the sweet pie of life.

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