Thursday, September 27, 2012


That's a wrap for day 2 :)

Did really well today! Had carnation instant breakfast for breakfast, experimented with a protein shake (that I will never make again lol), & got all of my water in. I did however not have anything for "dinner". I went to the salon early and moved a customer up so I thought I'd have time to make something....nope lol. Ended up picking up a walk in. Oh well. I wasn't hungry so as long as I wasn't hungry I think I'll be ok. My stomach has started to growl about 4 pm everyday. Which can be weird when it's silent in your office & your with a customer lol. I'm going to try to have soup tomorrow & finally make this pumpkin pie smoothie I found on pintrest.

Speaking of pintrest....

I am going to have to stay off if there until after my surgery. Everyone posting recipe's makes a girl start wanting to pin & cook lol. I think I'll be ok after my surgery because I'm supposed to not be hungry. We shall see....

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