Sunday, September 2, 2012

Music is what feelings sound like. ~Author Unknown

It is always amazing to me how music plays such a huge part of my life and there are people that aren't phased by music at all. For most songs I can tell you at least one memory that I have tagged to it, whether it's that it reminds me of someone or where I was in my life. Aw...songs that remind you of people. Different songs remind me of different people. And even though some may not be in your life for one reason or another (good or bad), if you hear that song or artist that reminds you of them, you begin to reminisce. I can not have thought or gave a care of the world towards that person in years and the minute I hear certain Gary Allan songs I'm right back to being that heartbroken foolish 20 year old. And it's not that I miss them now just maybe the person they were then.

Then there is the song writing aspect of a song. The story behind it. Why it was written, what the writer was going through at that time, where it was written, who it was written about. Of course there are dumb songs like "Genie in a Bottle" that people could careless about but then there are songs like "Fast Car" by Tracey Chapman that you stop singing mid chorus and go "Wow! That is deep". Texas is known for great song writers. I love the process of it. When I meet them sometimes I'm scared I'm going to seem like those weird groupie fans & it's not the case at all. I just want to climb in their heads & find out all the answers to my questions. That's not creepy...right? ;)

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