Monday, August 15, 2016


Wwod.....What would Oprah do?

I know it's early for a blog but needed to let this out somewhere (other than my head and Travis has already left for work lol). 

Before we left I weighed myself to see where I was. Just to see what the difference would be over the weekend. While on my trip I counted points for EVERYTHING.  I drank a ton of water & walked a lot. I sweat a lot too lol. At the game I even made it a point to walk the slope on the 3 flights that went to level 2 just so I could get some extra steps in. 

When I weighed a few minutes ago it said I had GAINED a pound! A whole pound since Friday!?! Seriously? So here's my question. So I wait until Wednesday to do my weigh in? Maybe I'm retaining some fluid from the car ride? And if that's the case I need to make Wednesday's my weigh in day because we travel a lot. I don't want to go through this every Monday. 

I'm going to think it over this morning and I'll post what I decided to do. If you have any thoughts feel free to comment. Only positive comments though. Negative will be deleted 😬

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