Sunday, September 8, 2013

I {needed} this today

Plateau.....I am over you....

This is the 3rd week I have stayed the same weight. I think I've decided I need to do a cleanse. I didn't eat like crap this week so I know that wasn't it.  I'm going to wait until next week to start it though because I'm going out of town with my family on Thursday and traveling on a cleanse equals no fun.

Even though I am annoyed with staying the same this week I have to stop, step back, and review the progress that I {have} made.  And it's pretty amazing :). I am down 172 lbs from where I started this journey. One hundred seventy two pounds.....Wow.  God is {GREAT}!


  1. 172 pounds is amazing!!! Im so happy for you and you look SOOO different!!! Its crazy lol

  2. Dude your a rockstar!! Chin up! I am going to do a cleanse to! You should do it with me :) Crystal Michelle

    1. lol Thanks! Which one are you doing?