Sunday, September 1, 2013

Need To Call Someone Out On Their Crap...

I'm calling myself out...

What were you thinking??

{Just because I'm feeling down about the progress over the past few weeks does not mean I am not happy or excited still about the progress I have already made.  I look at my before pictures all the time and think about how far I have come.  So please don't think that I'm still not happy with the progress I have accomplished this far, just in a rut about the progress over the past couple of weeks.  I also am not in a downward spiral by any means, ending up right back to where I was....not going to happen.  And yes I knew it was going to slow down at some point, I just wasn't ready.}

Last week I ate like crap!  I'm blogging about it because I feel that making things public sometimes put people back in their place.  My portion sizes were the same, still small, but it was in between breakfast, lunch, and dinner that I had the munchies.  Bad.  Whether it was a sweet tooth or just needing to much on something, I feel like it was horrible. 

I finally felt normal yesterday as for munching and what not.  I didn't feel a constant need to munch.  I did also make sure to get my protein in.  I know one of the reasons for feeling "hungry" or the need to munch was lack of protein.  I have got to step it up with the protein.  I will go weeks where I do so good with it and then I go a week where I do horrible.  I know it's just one of those weeks and I'm the only one that can pull myself out.  I have worked to hard and accomplished so much to slack.

Sleep also plays a factor into weight loss.  I hadn't been sleeping very good, but I went to the chiropractor (if I could get adjusted every week I would) and got adjusted.  That made a world of difference.  I always know when I'm not sleeping very good that it's time to visit Dr. Davidson.  He and I were discussing how important it is to get adjusted on a regular basis when loosing weight.  Especially if it's a lot of weight.  It puts everything back in it's place and takes pressure off of your organs that are settling into different area's because there is more room for them to.  So the point of this part is if you do not have a chiropractor, get you one!  You'll feel healthier, more mobile, and over all better because of it :)

A friend of mine is joining the gym next week so hopefully that will get me back on the work out train.  I don't know why but I always work out way better if I have someone there with me.  I don't necessarily want to talk to them, but just knowing that there is someone there with me pushes me.  She had gotten a work out routine from someone so we'll do that and then I'll still do my cardio on the treadmill and sit down elliptical thing (I have no idea the right name for it so I shall refer to it as the sit down elliptical thing ;) 

I'm waiting on 3 more pounds before I post the new total loss and comparison pics.  My friend Victoria has gotten into photography as a hobby and so I'm going to have her take some pictures and then of course pictures when I hit 200 down.  I would say that shouldn't be long but the rate I'm going (1 lb a week or staying the same) it may be a few months.....

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  1. Hang in there girl!! Having someone hold you accountable will give you a great boost!! A healthy weight lost is 1-2 lbs a week for a female, so don't get discouraged!!

  2. I agree, it's so much easier to go to the gym when you have a friend to work out with! Thanks for the tips about the chiropractor. You keep up the good work!

    Visiting from the Sweet Tea Social~

    Love, Joy

  3. Stopping by from Sweet Tea Social. Many of us have the same struggles so you are definitely not alone girl! You got this!! Keep your head up! :)
    -Kylie @ Lip Gloss & Lunges

  4. Just remember that a loss is a loss. As long as the you keep moving and loosing that's all that matters. WERK girl and you can do this.

  5. We have all been there. I love your disclaimer though :) Sounds like you are on the right track and I love that you are taking photos. Comparison pics are such an important tool when trying to lose weight. Overall, forget the scales!

    1. Thanks! Ya I knew if I didn't put that people would think that I wasn't happy about the loss I have had. Who wouldn't be happy with 172 lbs lost? lol. I just was frustrated because I allowed myself to eat poorly that week. For the most part I am back on track :) And I agree! Comparison pics are soooo important! I try to tell people in the weight loss process to do them because when you're having a crappy day it's such a great feeling going and looking at the old you and the new you side by side :)