Friday, September 6, 2013

5 ON....


Woot!  So glad it's finally Friday!  It's been a crazy week!

What is 5 on Friday you ask? Just write a blog about five things on your mind today, anything goes really, post the logo below on your blog and link back to one of the three hosts ( I link mine to A. Liz Adventures), and then enter your post address in the link-up section.  Easy as pie!

V.  I am so blessed to have the jobs that I have.  I work during the day for my Mom and step dad's drug testing business and let me say, it can get very crazy, very stressful, and very weird at times but I wouldn't trade it  for anything.  In the end I do like working there and I'm so glad they allow me to work there.  I have also been blessed with two (yes I said two) part time jobs.  They are both on my time and I can decide when/if I am going to work them.  I work part time at my best friends salon as a manicurist and then I sell some amazing jewelry that allows me to hear peoples story's.  I work in a man's world during the day and get to feel like a girl in the evening :)

IV.  Speaking of jobs, sometimes I do miss working at J C Penney's.  I worked there all together give or take a couple of months when I didn't work there speraticly for 7 years.  I truely enjoyed it.  Again at times it was stressful but I made some really great friends by working there that  I would have not met, had I not gone to work there July of 1999.   And I really miss the employee discount when I'm shopping.  So if you're still an associate there and want to help a sista out...holla... :)

III.  I'm getting excited about my 1 year surgaversary!!  In the beginning I didn't have a goal that  I wanted to be at but now I do.  I want to have hit my 200 before Oct. 3rd.  As of Sunday I still need to lose 28 lbs.  I know that's a lot for the amount of time I have but if it happens, it happens.  I won't be doing anything stupid to achieve my goal by any means.  We shall see what happens!

II.  Speaking of my 1 year surgaversary and 200 lb loss, I've been going crazy trying to think of something to do like I did with the 116 balloons that I released (If you missed that blog, check it out here.  There's a slide show with my pictures at the bottom of the blog) , but I can't think of anything to do.  There is one idea that I am kind of thinking about doing but still not sure.  Nothing has really stuck out and really grasped my attention yet.  So please, if you have any idea's please share!

I.  If you're looking for a good laugh....visit Shelley's blog .  You see Shelley use to babysit my sister and I when we were little (well really who didn't babysit my sister and I when we were little?  And I'm friends and able to drink alcohol now with them...let me say it was weird at first...).  I posted some pictures on my Facebook of she and I when we were younger and that brought back a hilarious babysitting memory.  Oh my.....

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