Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mean Girls

Ok....yes Mean Girls is one of my favorite movies, but as far as real mean girls...don't like them.  Can't stand them actually.

When I was bigger I always said "If I lose a lot of weight I will never be like them.  I will always remember where I was.  And I will stand up for them."  Little did I know that 179 lbs later the time would come for me to stand up for people now.

“We only carry sizes one, three and five. You could try Sears.”

Who are you to judge where a bigger girl window shops?  Even though we know that there is no chance of us purchasing anything from this store, we still want to browse.  Who knows...maybe your clothes will be what motivates that person to get healthy and be able to actually shop in your store.  I remember I was in high school and for some reason I went to Express.  Nothing in that store could fit me, but I still looked.  Then I came across a "dressy" sweat shirt.  It was white, said Express across the chest, had some embroidered flowers behind the name.  I actually was able to purchase this shirt because it was made on the bigger side.  It was supposed to be baggy for the normal Express shopper to wear with leggings.  I didn't care though.  I felt so special because I actually was able to purchase something from this store.  None of the sales clerks bothered me.  None of them discouraged me from trying it on or purchasing it.  And I thank them for that.  I've spent my entire life pretty much going with family and friends into stores that there was not a single thing there that would fit me.  Every once in a while I felt stares from the sales clerks, but none actually came up to me and suggested I go elsewhere.  If you work in a store that carries mostly smaller clothing items, don't discourage them from looking.  We just want to look.  What's the harm in that?  Who knows....that bigger girl may go and tell her smaller friends about how cute the clothes are and how nice the sales clerks are and get you a ton of business.

To all you sales clerks out there.  The next time you want to discourage someone from inviting a bigger person to your store to browse, think about the fact that they may be a customer one day and will go and encourage their smaller friends to purchase from you.

To quote another great movie, Pretty Woman....

Vivian: Do you remember me?
Salesperson: No, I'm sorry.
Vivian: I was in here yesterday. You wouldn't wait on me?
Salesperson: Oh.
Vivian: You work on commission, right?
Salesperson: Ah, yes.
Vivian: Big mistake. Big. Huge! [turns away] I have to go shopping now!

P.S.  Since my last blog about being stuck on the same number for 3 weeks I have finally beat it!  I ended up losing 7 lbs last week.  Making my total number now 179 :)

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