Friday, August 23, 2013



I got 5 on it....(yep I sure did sing that again :) )

Here it is....My 5 on Friday...

5.  Have I mentioned I hate the beginning awkward stages of a relationship?

4.  Can't wait until tomorrow and Rani's baby shower for Marley Joy

3.  I am glad that I finally got to donate blood again.  Anytime I schedule to I forget or run out of time.  Donating blood is so important!  My brother in law has had to have a big trasfusion as well as my Aunt Von.  Especially if you have a rare blood type like I do (O negative) it's VERY important you donate.  Your blood can go to anyone that needs it!  Donate today!

2.  Is it 5 yet?

1.  I am really really REALLY digging my outfit today.  Including the accessories of jewelry and my nails.  I love it when things come together for the good!

Do your own 5 on Friday!  Simply blog about the 5 things that are on your mind and then link it up at April of A. Liz Adventures blog and you're done!  Happy Friday!


  1. Love your accessories too and the colour of your top. So pretty!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I got the top at, the necklace at, and the ring at Lane Bryant :)