Friday, August 9, 2013

My Very First "Show Us Your Life" Post!

Ahhhhhhhhh!  I'm so excited!!!

I am finally getting to participate with a Show Us Your Life from Kelly's Korner!  It's not that there haven't been some I could participate with, I just lolligagged until it was to late to do it.  Or I guess I couldn've done it and been fashionably late...

This week's Show Us Your Life is favorite aps.  I have some that are amazing and I love so much :)  (I love some more than others but couldn't bring my self to number them :)

Styleseat:  I {LOVE} this ap!  If you are in the beauty industry it helps me SO much!  I can keep track of my appointments through it and it will send a reminder text and/or email to your customer the day before.  You can also get to it if you're on a desktop computer and schedule.  It will send you an email once a day telling you your schedule.  It will also have how much you made the day before.  Once a week it will send you an email telling you what the projected number is for your sales the upcoming week and how much it was the week before.  At the end of the year you can print off a report and it will tell you how much you made for tax purposes. 

Fastcustomer :  Oh.My.Gosh.  When my friend Amber first told me about this ap, I thought "Ya ok, I'll check it out later"  and never did. This ap is a lifesaver!  Say you needed to call your cable company and they are notorious about a long hold time.  You go to your Fastcustomer ap, they call for you, sit on hold FOR you, then will ring you back when it's connecting to someone.  It's awesome!

PayAnywhere :  If you are in direct sales or have your own side business, it is perfect!  You can accept credit cards anywhere you are at and then it will be deposited into your bank account!  It's easy for you and your customers will appreciate being able to use their card instead of having to have cash or writing a check.

AOL Radio :  That's right.  I said AOL. As in American Online.  When I hear "You've Got Mail" it takes me back to my younger years.  But back in the day I would listen to AOL Radio.  It's still around and still amazing!  My favorite stations are 90's country and 90's pop.  I've also added 00's country and 00's pop.  Ya I love taking it old school...

A Beautiful Mess :  With this ap you can edit photo's, add words, borders, etc.  It's pretty awesome

Instagram : Ok seriously if you don't know what Instagram....I'm worried about you :)  But for those that might have been under a rock it is an amazing community where you can edit photo's or now  video's and post them.  It's pretty awesome as well.  You can follow me here.

Bandsintown :  This ap will scan your music library, then tell you who all is in concert within a so many mile radius of you.  It's pretty awesome if you're wanting to see a show but have no idea who's where, this ap will tell you.  You can also RSVP for shows and connect to Facebook to see what friends have RSVP'd to what shows.

Red Cross Tornado :  Like your weather ap it will notify you when severe weather is near you.  What it does do that your weather ap won't do is give you the option to notify the Red Cross that you are ok, if there were to be a tornado or such in your area, so that you are accounted for.  That is located in the Tool Kit section of it.  The Tool Kit also includes a flashlight, strobe light, alarm, and test siren.

SnipSnap :  If you're a coupon junkie this ap is for you!  I am not a coupon junkie but it is nice to be in the store and check out and see if you can find coupons for different things and save yourself some money.  It'll virtually snip it for you and then you just present your phone to the cashier.  Pretty easy :)

Phase 10:  I have to have at least one game in here.  And I didn't want to put the typical Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Words with Friends, etc.  I love playing actual Phase 10 and so this is perfect when I want to play but don't have anyone around to play against.  And if you have to get out of it for some reason, when you return to the ap, it is right where you left off :)

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  1. I love instagram:) I have also heard of ABM. Not sure if I want to pay for an app, tho. SnipSnap sounds cool:)