Sunday, August 18, 2013

Why yes....Yes I am....

Being an antsy Nancy!

Even though it is currently 88 degrees with the high supposed to be 97, I can not stop thinking about getting a new Fall/Winter wardrobe!

I have been thinking about it A LOT lately and it's driving me crazy at some times not being able to buy anything.  I've been pinning a bunch a pins with different boots, outfits, and things like that giving me idea's and that way I remember them when I am able to get to go shopping.  Here are a few of them:

Ok with some of them you can see a trend of what I'm really interested in right now.  I don't know why but I'm obsessed with riding boots right now!  I think they are so cute and easy/comfy to just add to an outfit with out having to think about it.  That's what I like.  Something that is super cute but super comfy.  I was at Kristy's house yesterday, talking to her while she had a garage sale, and she had a pair of knee high boots for sale.  Now we do not wear the same size shoe by any means (if I didn't have such stupid long toes I'd wear the same size as my friends/sister and would be able to steal their shoes...), but I thought "I'm just going to see if the calf part fits".  So I attempted to put on the boot and I didn't get it on all the way (because my foot is bigger than hers) but the calf part seemed to be just fine.  Which I was ecstatic about because I wasn't sure if I was going to have to order my boots from a big girl store that carried wide calf boots or if I was going to be able to buy normie boots at a regular store.  I'm not going to order any until I can go to a store and try on a pair of boots to see if I can in deed just purchase them there.

It will be so fun being able to get a completely new wardrobe.  As you know I just cleaned out my closet (see that post here) and I had a friend come and buy some of my stuff and then I had a garage sale for the rest.  I didn't sell as much as I had hoped, but am glad for what I did sell.  Kristy and I are going to have one more garage sale in September to see if we can get rid of the rest of our stuff and then I will take the money I have made from that and purchase some new clothes.  So keep a look out for that post!

Who knows...I may make it a shopping party and make it a girls day out of it....


  1. I am so ready for Fall! And I'm into riding boots as well. It's hard for me to find a pair that fit, though. I have big calves! Sigh.


    1. Girl even though you may not buy their clothes visit or . They have wide calf boots!

  2. I love all these style boards especially the last one! That purse is beautiful.