Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's Texas Tuesday, Ya'll!

I came across Amanda's blog and fell in {love} with it!

I'm a very proud Texan and love anything to do with Texas so this blog and blogger are right up my alley!  She and another blogger have Texas Tuesday's that let you focus on anything to do with Texas!

The first thing that  came to my mind to write about was music.  I {love} music from artists that are from Texas or songs that have to do with Texas.  The music is something that just grabs my attention more than others.  I {love} the song writing aspect of it the most I think.  I love hearing why a song was written, where it was written, what was going on in the song writers life when it was being written.  And their shows....

There is just something about going to a live show.  When I was younger I was at pretty much every show that was going on around west Texas.  They were fun and the music just sounded that much better.  Even live album's are great to me.  You can feel the energy from the crowd that is there and it intensifies the music rather than if it was recorded in a studio.  Ahhh.....I {love} it....

Here is my "short" list of artists that I adore from Texas:

Pat Green (can not have a list like this with out him on it :)
Jack Ingram (again...can not have a list like this with out him)
Ryan Bingham
Kacey Musgraves
Wade Bowen
Radney Foster
Brandon Rhyder
Aaron Watson
Miranda Lambert (Yes, even though she's Nashville, the girl is still from Texas.  And very proud of it)
Bruce Robison
Charlie Robison
Randy Rogers Band
Josh Abott Band
Django Walker
Sunny Sweeney
Walt Wilkins

I seriously could go on forever, but this gives you an idea of what I {love}.  Now go to iTunes or Amazon and get yourselves familiar with these artist's.....

 Not really sure why the link box is so small but I reposted the picture so you could see it.  Click on the picture in the link box to view other awesome blogs for Texas Tuesday :)

Confessions of a Cowboy's Wife


  1. Thank you for linking up with us! I love this post. And I agree 100%. Texas Country music is my absolute favorite. And there's nothing like watching it live. It makes you love the song and the artist that much more {in most cases}.


    1. It does! There have been times that I've heard a song on an album...wasn't to crazy about it...heard it live...can't get enough of it lol. I'm so glad you liked my blog :)

  2. Found you in the link up! I couldn't agree more! Our music is elite.

    1. Yea! Glad you checked it out! And yes it is! It's ah-ma-zing :)

  3. Thank you for linking up and the swer comments!! :)

    I too love Texas Country. Some of my favs are on that list.,

    1. I'm excited that I linked up! Glad I found you girls :) Can't wait for next Tuesday!