Friday, August 16, 2013

I'm gonna pop some tags...Only got $20 in my pocket....

This is pretty awesome...

I {love} thrift stores.  I love just roaming around it, looking for that special gem.  Sometimes you walk away with a steal and sometimes you walk away with nothing.  

Today Kelly blogged about thrift store finds and I had to show these beauty's off!

I found this gem at Ola's Place in Odessa.  She is located at 1514 E. 7th.

I seriously love old things and I always wanted a cake stand like this one.  It reminds me of one that my great grandmother Molly had when I was little.  It's a very sturdy, heavy glass.  I'm not sure if it's worth anything or not but I paid a whole $10 for it.  I haven't made a cake yet to put on it, but it has stored cookies, cereal bars,and sugar free candy's.  I may make a cake this weekend and put it in there!

This next item came from a thrift store in Beeville.

I did have to give it life again by spray painting it gold.  It was a gold to begin with but was really dull and had some rust spots.  I can remember one of my great grandmothers (I'm thinking my Mamaw, my mother's grandmother) having something like this but I'm not certain.  I keep it in my guest room on the night stand.  I think it looks great in there.  Now when little Miss Kenner comes to  visit we have to put it up.  Other wise we end up with tissue all over the house.

I found some of these at Ola's and some at the store in Beeville.

Well the glass milk containers and the turquoise cracker canister.  The Clabber Girl Baking Powder container and flowers came from my Nana.  When I was thinking about what to put in my dining room and came across those I knew I had to have them.  

I found this at a thrift store/flea market type of place called Bea's in Hobbs, NM.

I had gone over there in search of big chunky frames for a project I was going to make off of Pintrest, but when I got there, the frames weren't what I was looking for.  So I just looked around for a little bit and came across this.  This is a very good size wash basin and pitcher.  Good and heavy.  I bought this for $20!  I was shocked because I thought it would have been more expensive just because of how big and heavy it was.  

I know that you can find mason jars all over the place now days but the one in the middle is what I love.  I found this one at Ola's.

I love the color of it!  It was made in the 70's and it still has the rubber sealer inside of it for someone to use it to can something.  I just love the way it looks with the Fiesta Ware tea cups and the other 2 mason jars.  I could kick myself for not getting more than one.  They were only a couple of dollars.  This is a Ball brand jar as well.  

I feel a trip to Ola's coming on soon.....


  1. Great finds! Love that last piece.

    1. Thanks! The last piece (not the mason jars) the white shelf I got at Hobby Lobby, but it actually goes the other way :) I just hung it upside down so I could hang the tea cups from it. Then the fiesta ware my friend was getting rid of and so I took them :)