Friday, January 22, 2010

Big Loser Program :)

Back around my birthday my friend Janet told me about this ad she saw in the Odessa American about a program that the Odessa YMCA was starting and Stephanie Rivas one of the anchors of CBS 7 was getting a group together for it and wanted viewers to send in there story's for her to choose 3 people to join her for her team. They were going to announce on the news on January 5th what to do and where to send it and so on the 5th I set my dvr for the news lol so I wouldn't miss it. When I got home I watched and found out that I needed to send it to her email. I immedietly got my computer and emailed her. Well time went by and I thought she had already picked and didn't pick me. I was wrong!!! lol. This morning my step dad called me at 7 am and said "They just announced that you were picked to be on Stephanie's team for the big loser program" I was like omg are you serious? lol. I seriously thought I wasn't going to get picked because that's how my luck goes lol. But she picked me and 2 others!! I hope she liked my story and picked me for it and not that maybe they didn't have enough people send in for it lol. I'm not sure what all the contest intails but I'll find out Monday :) I can't wait and I'm going to try and blog every day about it. It's a 15 week contest so I feel that if I stick to it like I plan and like I have in the past I can accomplish alot. 2010 has gotten off to a great start!!!

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