Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 2!

Hi my name is Christy and I haven't had a Dr. Pepper since January 22, 2010....Well day 2 went good!  I just stuck to cardio again but next week I'm going to incorporate some arm stuff in the weight room.  The pool isn't open right now because they are making repairs but when it opens back up I will prob. try to make a water areobics class or just go and do my own thing cause I love being in the water.  My eating went really good too.  I stayed on target and didn't eat anything i wasn't supposed to :)  I also have been getting all of my water in.  I bought a disposable 2 gallon container at HEB when I went grocery shopping so I wouldn't drink all of the water at my office.  I need to buy one that I can refill.  I'm going to blog again tonight so I can give you an update on Day 3 (today) and be caught up where I can always blog at the end of every day. Who knows....I may even blog from the treadmill lol.


  1. Just found your blog and am very jealous of your motivation!! I am trying to give up DP but haven't been as successful. After reading this, though, I think I'm gonna try and work out- Thanks for the inspiration! And good luck!

  2. Hello...

    THANKS for posting your blog info. on facebook...I LOVE reading these things...LOL!

    I stayed up to watched the News the other night to see if you were on but never saw you.

    Anyhoo...I am so EXCITED for you to get this opportunity...I think is GREAT and I know you will do GREAT as well. I look forward to reading all about your success.

    See You @ Bunko:)