Thursday, January 7, 2010

nails, nails, toenails, nails

I'm going back to doing nails!!!! Yea!! Well just part time lol. One of my bestie's owns her own shop in Andrews and is moving to a bigger building and in town (right around the corner from CRS actually lol very convient...Kristy and I already have plans to meet on the corner of 1st and Broadway to chit chat lol) and I asked her if she was getting a nail tech and asked if I could do it part time and she said yes! Yea!! lol. I'm excited. I hope it works out. Not work out working with Kristy cause been there done that 20 times over lol but doing nails in Andrews. I hope that I meet the customer's expectations. It's hard competeing with the Vitamese shops. The product they use is ridiculous lol. I know I'll do good though. She is hoping to move in Feb. 1st but I told her I wouldn't be ready to be there then but still wanted to be there. I still have some of my stuff from the last time I leased a station but I need to get a few more things and get my independent contractors license. It's so exciting and I hope I build a successful nail business here :) I can't believe I've been a nail tech for 10 years!


  1. YEA!!! I'm excited for you. You just need to get the word out and I know Andrews will be excited too!

  2. You know you have my vote and all the help I can give. I love my new nails!