Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Post Holidays!

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday!!! Mine started out kinda rocky but ended up being good.  I started the week out by going to Odessa to have Christmas with my mom and Craig.  It was a good time but missed having my sister and Mike there.  My mom made chicken crescent rolls (my great grandmother Molly's recipe...yum) and after we ate we opened gifts.  I got a new pair of Justin's and they are so freakin comfy lol.  Over the years I've definatly turned into a flip flop and boot kind of gal.  My friends are into heals and I'm like show me where the Yellowbox's are lol.  I also got a gift card to JC Penney.  Most of ya'll know but I worked at JCP on and off in the salon as the nail tech for 7 years.  Before going to work for them I don't remember ever hardly shopping there but I love shopping there now lol.  I used my gift card New Years day to get a new vacuum.  You definatly know your getting older when you find joy and excitement in purchasing a vacuum lol.  It was definatly a small Christmas on my end but I got my Mom a Women of Faith daily devotional and Craig the book on the man that was in his 50's playing football for Sul Ross (the title left me lol....).  Then on Christmas eve I went to dinner at my Grandmother's with my Dad, Uncle Mark, Aunt Chris, and Emily.  She made enchilada's, beans, cornbread, and ordered a cake for mine and my dad's birthday's.  When the lady asked what she wanted on it and what we were into she said "Well he's a cross country truck driver and she likes to play bunco" and so she put a truck with dice on it lol.  It was cute :).  My pops got me and ipod touch...yea!!! I've moved into the here and now section of the technology world lol.  I love it!  I had uploaded all my cd's to my laptop a while back and I had enough to play continuesly for 3.5 days lol...can you tell I love music?  My dad also got me an Xpress 101! Finally!! I've wanted one forever!  I'm sure you've all seen the inormercial with the older lady with the red hair and she makes all this stuff and makes it look so good and easy. Well it is super easy! Plus, with it just being me it is totally helping with serving sizes.  I suggest anyone that is cooking for one purchase one.  My Grandmother got me the perfect brownie pan and that works awesomely also.  I love random kitchen gadgets lol.  I got my dad a gift card to Barnes and Noble so he can get himself a book on cd to listen to on the road.  My tradition on Christmas eve is to go to my Nana's and stay the night with her and the next morning we wake up and my cousin's come over for breakfast.  It was super fun this year because little miss Rori Tatum and Drake were there.  She got her very first Cabbage Patch Doll :)  Later that night we all got back together and had enchilada's (yes I had enchiladas twice for the holidays lol), rice, etc.  It was alot of fun getting together with everyone.  My mom and Craig went to Cymbre's.  Since she is so close to her due date she couldn't travel and they want to be there for the church that Mike works for's Christmas eve service.  That following Monday was my 29th birthday.  I do not know why but I had a really hard time with my birthday this year.  I use to love my birthday but this year I wanted it to disapear.  I'm better now but it was a rough week with that lol.  New Year's eve Angela and I went to Hunter and Meg's for a get together.   Nolan, Hunter, Meg, Humberto, Collin, Collin's girlfriend, Sumer, Scott, Rori, and Drake were there too.  We played games and had alot of fun.  It was a great holiday for the most part and was glad for the time off but a new year is here and time for new beginnings.  I'm excited to change in 2010.  It's gonna start soon and I hope to keep track of my process on here.  I don't like to make a resolution so I'm going to say call it a goal.  What are YOUR goals for 2010?

Drake snug as a bug in a rug...

Rori insisted on putting some of her Goldfish crackers on her breakfast plate

Hurry up Nannie....

We were the only one's in our pj's....I tried to get the other's to participate but no one wanted to lol


  1. Sounds fun! I got a vacuum from my Mom last year!! I was SO excited girl. I agree - you know you're getting older when you get excited about a vacuum for Christmas! lol

  2. LOL about the vacuum...I've been like that for a while! :) Sad I missed the holidays in Andrews but glad you had a good time!

  3. ya i laugh when i think about getting the vacuum and being excited lol. and thanks for the layout compliments! it took me for freakin ever to get it because there was a hidden code for a christmas one lol that i forgot where i put it lol.